‘Black Adam’ Finds Its Hawkman in Aldis Hodge; Origins of the Golden Age Hero

With Black Adam set to go into production early next year it can only be expected that we would slowly get casting announcements for the Justice Society of America members mentioned at DC Fandome.

Today we have confirmation that Hawkman will be played by Aldis Hodge. I have not had the chance to see this actor in anything yet, however, I am aware he stars in Regina King’s One Night in Miami which performed very well at the Venice Film Festival; so certainly bodes well for him not just in the DCEU but in Hollywood in general.

I’m sure many fans on Twitter will be clenching their fists like Arthur at this news, but I’m overjoyed! I know Hodge was also in the breakout success The Invisible Man so I may need to check that out and hopefully get a bit more familiar with our new Hawkman!

The Justice Society will be starring alongside Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson in Black Adam but we don’t know much else other than this; will this film be a period piece in order to set the JSA in the actual golden age of their birth (late 30’s and the 40’s)? Will it be set in today’s world so there can be intersection with Shazam and Superman? Will it be set in the past or present but in a different universe than the Snyderverse? We don’t know!

I’m hoping this is going to be an opportunity to introduce more heroes that could eventually fight alongside the Justice League in the sequel to Snyder’s film (if it performs at the level the studio is hoping for of course). Hawkwoman unfortunately will NOT be appearing in the film as Johnson has stated that the powers that be have other plans for her at this time.

When it comes to Hawkman and Hawkwoman I suspect this...For those who don’t know, Hawkman, or Carter Hall, was originally a prince a long time ago. He was murdered by an evil priest in ancient Egypt but found that he would continously be reincarnated through the ages. Alongside him, Hawkwoman, Shiera Sanders Hall, would also live the same cycles of life; two souls set to die through the ages and always be reborn destined to find each other again.

Romantic. As. F***.

I think there could be seeds here to keep the two of them apart for this introduction so Hawkwoman can then have her own intro down the road so their coming together has more of an impact. I mean, I know it’s a comic book movie but the romance of these two is GOALS. I would want to capitalize on that if I were the studio. They’re like The Notebook of DC comics!

There is an updated version of Hawkwoman and Hawkman’s origin but considering the latter will be in this Black Adam movie, which already seems to be leaning on ancient Egpytian aesthetics, and Doctor Fate is set to appear in the film as well (connections to Mesopotamia), I think it’s safe to say they will be sticking with the original origin for the character.

I’m excited to see him in action and for more casting news from Black Adam!


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