‘Hubie Halloween’ Review; Sandler-Bad and It’s Fantastic

Right out the gates I have to make one thing perfectly clear- I, like many, absolutely adore Adam Sandler.

If you grew up in the 90’s/early 2000’s you know that his movies were a big staple to growing up. The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, 50 First Dates, The Waterboy and so many others…

They were movies filled with memorable comedic moments (we still quote from time to time), dumb and flat comedic moments (that you still somehow enjoyed), and great heartfelt ones.

With all the craziness of 2020 the idea that Sandler was releasing another Netflix original for Hallowen sounded perfect. Let’s get into the bad and the worst that makes Sandler movies oh so good!

Honor the Past: Like all Sandler movies they incorporate a boat of familiar faces. To see Steve Buscemi playing something vulgar, Rob Schneider with his usual random pop-ins, and a crop of other familiars throughout the movie put a smile on my face. Honestly, each one should have had that that great SNL applause whenever a celebrity guest showed up.

The throwbacks weren’t just in the casting but in the content of the movie as well. We have a CLASSIC cameo of a fellow O’Doyle and a wet sheet that seemed to come right out of The Waterboy.

The air of the familiar is something you look for in Sandler’s movies. I sort of wish Drew Barrymore had been able to make an appearance but, we’re technically still four years away from their anniversay movie. We can wait!

For Kids but Not?: Hubie Halloween is filled with so much childlike humor; classic fart and vomit jokes as well as a versotile thermostat that tickles and rolls your eyes all at once.

The kids humor is so present you wonder if that’s the target audience yet, at the same time, you have jokes in here that are clearly for adults! That’s the magic of Sandler movies; they seem to be kids films blended with adult humor which I think is what made them so appealing when we were twelve.

The movie is a great time to have some laughs, reminisce, and even does a decent job of being a Halloween movie!

All in the Family: Something that deserves an honorable mention about the film is the fact that both Sandler’s daugthers (Saddie and Sunny Sandler) star as Julie Bowen’s foster kids.

Sandler gets to have some scenes here and there with the pair and it’s neat to see another generation on screen.

Would I rank it a top ten? In no way shape or form. The performances are still with the time though! It’s an innocent feel-good Adam Sandler movie; it gets the job done.


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