‘X of Swords’ Chapters 6-8 Review

Another week so another set of X of Swords chapters. Last week felt more straight forward where this time around we had three unique narrative paths.

There’s nothing too big from this bulk so let’s just get into it.

Hellions: I wasn’t excited for this book in the slightest, but the writing is on point in this thing; a group of murderous mutants written like an HBO comedy is just- chef’s kiss*

In this chapter we got sassy Sinister leading the charge. He presents a strategy to the quiet council to sneak into Arrako and steal the enemy swords before they can get to the tournament; this is obviously not going to work.

This is indeed a suicide mission and I don’t see how any of these characters are going to get out alive; at least not all of them.

It’s curious as to how Sinister is participating in resurrection protocols but at the same time isn’t? There are mutliple copies of himself hidden in his base and has more than one active at the same time… How does this work? How does it violate the laws of resurrection? Most importantly, are they the same person or different?

There is that piece of banter towards the beginning of the issue where a big question from HoX/PoX comes to the center; are resurrected mutants REALLY the same person or just a great copy? Is the soul just ones memories and personality or it something else? If it is the latter then who the hell are these copies walking around the island?!

Nightcrawler hurry up with that religion, we need answers!

New Mutants: I mentioned this dilemma in a previous post; Douglas isn’t a fighter. He’s just not. I assumed his death is coming and stated that perhaps this is how Krakoa gained his eye in the distant future… Krakoa mentioned it was all the remained of Douglas and we assumed it had something to do with old age. That might not be the case. Douglas may be doomed to die and in an attempt to keep the bridge of communication alive, Krakoa fuses with what is left of Douglas in order to stay connected with the mutants inhabiting the island.

This issue doesn’t pose a question to the reader regarding if he will survive or not but rather slams us over the head with the fact that this dude is a goner. I’m ok with this! There should be real consequence to this thing and I’m hoping we get some serious painful loss.

Let’s also recognize that he’s missing from the cover for the New Mutants issue following this event but Warlock is there in his natural state… Just saying…

Cable: I didn’t care about anything happening here. I’m sorry! I didn’t. Ok, the space station. Ok, some weird invaders. Ok, Jean you’re still wearing that god-awful dress into battle, sure.

I zipped through this as fast as I could. Ultimately I knew it would end with Cable getting to the damn circle and that’s all I needed or wanted to see.

Next week we only have TWO new chapters with Excalibur and X-Men. These three-per-week situation got me spoiled but what can ya do?


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