Should Bo-Katan Really Rule Mandalore…?

I don’t know if this has been given any thought, but as we’ve progressed through Clone Wars, Rebels, and now The Mandalorian it has slowly started to dawn on me that Bo-Katan might not be the best choice for leader.

Let’s review.

1: She was a Member of Death Watch: Alright, she believed that Mandalore should honor it’s warrior legacy and abandon the pursuits of pacifism. She believed this so much that she was against her sister… the ruler… She helped Pre Vizsla basically stage a coup only to find they were dooped by Maul who takes the darksaber, Deathwatch, and Mandalore… Good job.

2: Regent for Five Seconds then Dips: After they remove Maul from power Bo-Katan is made Regent. Rightfully so as she was the sister of Satine. Of course, Order 66 happens, the Empire rises, and s*** goes south again.

Now, the Empire OFFERED to let Bo-Katan stay in her seat but, not wanting to be a puppet of the empire, she peaced out and Mandalore got Gar Saxon as viceroy.

Sure, not her fault that the Sith took over but I would argue a leader doesn’t just leave her people to the oppression of the Sith; especially when the replacement was the right-hand of Maul!

In Rebels we saw that Sabine found the darksaber and rallied the clans of Mandalore to get behind Bo-Katan. Now, Sabine was the one who fought Gar Saxon and it was Sabine’s mother who killed him… ok.

Tiber Saxon was the replacement and it was Sabine again who reprogrammed the Dutchess to attack Storm Trooper armor instead of Mandalore armor. Sure, Bo-Katan had a good “leadership moment” for Sabine before Tiber got blown up, but it wasn’t exactly her glory moment either.

3: The Purge: The Mandalore Purge was confirmed to us in the first season of The Mandalorian; an event that took place after the death of Tiber where the empire sent its forces to basically massacre Mandalore and steal all of the Beskar possible. Once again, Mandalore tasted victory for seconds before the violent wave of opression and loss.

Somewhere within the purge Bo-Katan lost control of Mandalore, again, and lost the darksaber to Moff Gideon…She has been cruising the galaxy ever since.

I understand that these are forces larger than herself but as the series might continue to promote her pursuit of leadership of Mandalore the track record begs the question; is she really the best option? At least up until now, the job doesn’t feel earned.


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