Episode 82 – Royally Flushed

Welcome one and all, whether you are commoner or sovereign, we hope you brought your finest tunics and tiaras as the fine gentlemen of the 17 Waverly Podcast are back for a very royal episode. This week’s pageantry is focused on everything that is noble and monarchical, starting with a review of season 4 of ‘The Crown’ @ (0:06:30). We then give a full review of probably one of the hottest shows of the year ‘Queen’s Gambit’ @ (0:44:45) and we end the show with a review of the 2001 film ‘Princess Diaries’ @ (01:04:00). Grab some tea and scones and join us for all that and much more!


The Crown (Season 4): Rom – 9, Angelo – N/A, Gab – 9

Queen’s Gambit: Rom – 9, Angelo – 9, Gab – 8

Princess Diaries (2001): Rom – 3, Angelo – 7, Gab – 9

Listen here:

You can also stream the episode on SpotifyApple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

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