Twenty-Three Upcoming MCU Projects- No Latino Leads; A Perfect IP to Change That

Some will roll their eyes, but as a first generation latino here in the United States I am still hoping for the superhero representation I didn’t get as a kid! By now, with the arrival of heroes such as Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Miles Morales I think we understand the importance of seeing ourselves reflected on the screen.

To be clear, I am well aware that Miles Morales embodies a Puerto Rican experience but that is just ONE latino experience. We are multiple countries with multiple cultures, different nuances, contradictions, histories, and certainly a variety of personalities.

One character alone can not encompass nor satisfy the desire for latino representation which is why more is needed.

As we received amazing news today about all the upcoming projects I couldn’t help but notice that out of the TWENTY-THREE there wasn’t one with a latino lead. SO I got to brainstorming for a perfect MCU project; The Power Pack

Fairly Unknown: Trolls like to complain when gender bending or race bending characters occurs. In some cases I do feel they have a point as some of feel more pandering than anything else. However, there are those cases where these actions are taken for characters that don’t currently, or barely ever, had an audience.

A great example is the upcoming Eternals film which will showcase multiple gender bent characters and the first openly gay character as well. The reveal of these characters was received with little to no pushback because no one even knew who the Eternals were! It was a perfect opportunity to take a fairly unknown property and propel it into the modern world of comic book media.

The Power Pack fits right into this category not having an ongoing series of their own for quite some time until the recent #1 released. Now, it’s worth noting that what’s happening in the comic world could be a comment on what may be happening in live-action. Feige has stated previously that interest in a Power Pack project was very much alive. The hope is they see this as an opportunity to bend towards latin representation.

Family: One of the biggest staples of latinos in media is the family element. We travel in packs and are in each others business all the time. Heck, we’re close with first, second, AND third cousins. Sure, tons of people are close with their families, but this is such an easy element to the Power Pack property that would not only be enriched through the latino lense but will make it relatable and hilarious for audiences.

Often when we talk about latinos in media it falls into the same traps; salsa music, spicy food, satire of soap operas, poking fun at our streotypes, and making our entire identities about our ethnicity.

Don’t misunderstand, we are proud of who we are and where we come from but, like any group, I know there is a craving for us to be allowed to be more than just that. To be allowed the dimensions of personality that white american characters have been allowed in media for decades.

The possibility to see these four young superheroes in their glory not as latino superheroes but superheroes who happen to be latino would be something real special.

Alex (Alejandro) Power with his ability to manipulate gravity, Jack (Jonathan or Jacobe) Power with his abilities of matter manipulation, Julie (Julia) Power with her ability to fly with her signature rainbow streak, and Katie (Catalina) Power with her bombastic blasts.

Seeing these four siblings growing up in New York and facing every day challenges of youth while also saving the day? Come on!

I know this isn’t likely, but I can dream. Hoping for the day the MCU, DCEU, and all these hero properties start to represent latino faces and voices the way we have lent and continue to lend our talent to the medium.


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