‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Finale Breakdown; What’s Happening Next Year!?

WHAT a season finale to The Mandalorian. There is so much to unpack from this! Therefore wasting no time- let’s break it down.

Grogu: After sixteen chapters it would appear that our time with the baby Yoda has come to a close. Luke Skywalker (we’ll get to him in a moment) was the jedi to answer Grogu’s call. He single handedly destroys the dark troopers and takes the young one to be trained as a Jedi.

Is this goodbye? Well, Yoda lived over 900 years. By the events of The Force Awakens it seems that either Grogu is long gone from Luke’s attempts to revive the Order or he was murdered by Kylo and the Knights of Ren.

With the insane popularity surrounding him and the confirmation of four (?) Star Wars series around this time period, I am in high doubts that this is the last we’ll see of our little green friend. I’m sure within the chunk of shows coming in the near future he will be very much alive and well.

I am still keeping my fingers crossed for post Episode IX content where we could see a slightly older Grogu assisting in the next attempt at reviving the Jedi. Fingers crossed.

All expectations were on Ezra being the one to show up to the rescue but once I saw that single black glove…

Technology and the Jedi: Alright, so this is showing up more and more in Star Wars. We first got it in Rogue One with Moff Tarkin and Leia, then we saw it in Rise of Skywalker with the Luke and Leia flashback, and now we have it here once again with Luke Skywalker coming to save the day in the season finale.

Does this technology bother me? A little. Yes. I can’t lie about that. Though it looks great it still doesn’t feel all that natural. I don’t have confirmation but I suspect this was a different actor who they just glued Luke’s face onto. I would PREFER if the original actor were to show up and then utilize de-aging technology, but here we are.

Of course, as we move forward with other Star Wars shows this raises the question of where else we can expect this method to be used and how many more OG characters we can expect to see pop-up in the future.

We shall see! Seeing Luke though was certainly a nice touch to the finale.

Darksaber Politics: Someone correct me if I’m wrong but the last time Bo Katan got the darksaber it was literally given to her by Sabine; she didn’t WIN anything!

That’s an interesting little retcon there… I stand by my opinion, highlighted in a previous article, that Bo Katan is not fit to be ruler of Mandalore. I don’t think she has the resume for it.

This whole deal of Din winning the darksaber, thus making him technically the rightful ruler, has felt like where the series was headed since Moff Gideon was revealed to have it at the end of last season. Where these first two seasons focused around getting Grogu to the Jedi I feel moving forward the series will focus on reclaiming Mandalore and getting it back to its dignity before all the conflict erupted throughout the galaxy.

Din’s differences in ideology highlighted in episode three of this season will prove to be an interested dialogue between himself and other Mandalorians that will appear in the future.

The cliffhanger regarding what will happen to the darksaber is exciting! Yet there is a chance we might not get to see it resolved in 2021…?

The Book of Boba Fett: The post-credit scene for the finale was fantastic. I was never a Boba Fett guy before, but this new painted armor and the small yet heavy investment in him this season has been great; I’m on board.

Now, there is some confusion around this scene and what it means for the future which I believe is intentional…

Is The Book of Boba Fett its own show or will season three of the Mandalorian side-step to focus on him instead of Din? I would believe that BOTH are a possibility and the desire of Disney is for the two properties to co-exist, but the rumors around Pedro Pascal’s set issues could very well be a reality. If things are not resolved then they will likely make the third season about Boba as the new Hutt. If things are fixed with Pascal then we might get two shows together for next December.

I personally hope for the latter! I want to see this darksaber drama resolved and learn where these characters will go from here. Yet, the fact that the Book of Boba Fett was not included at the Investors Day event makes me believe it is indeed the focus for season three…The only hope I have that this isn’t the case is that they wanted the announcement to be something special to come with this finale. Time will tell.


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