Are We Ready for Luke Skywalker Recasting?

The Mandalorian season 2 finale may arguably be some of the best Star Wars content in recent years. From Din taking hold of the darksaber, Boba Fett and Bo Katan joining the action, and of course the special rescue cameo of Luke Skywalker himself the episode was one to remember.

Since Grogu sat on the stone to call out for the Jedi my assumptions had rested on Ezra Bridger (Star Wars: Rebels) to be the one to answer the call. The reasoning for this is the presence of Ahsoka and Bo-Katan (two other animated characters who made the jump to live-action) and the obvious recognition that Mark Hamill has since aged significally away from Luke’s age around this time of the continuity (28-29).

To our delight we got to see the single black glove and green lightsaber take apart the dark troopers in Darth Vader‘s Rogue One fashion. To top it off, the hood is removed and we see, gasp, a CGI Luke!

Now, was it the best CGI face I’ve seen? Of course not. It was pretty distracting and pulled me out of the scene a bit, but as a fan of Star Wars the fact that he was in the scene at all is pretty amazing,

Though there is no confirmation or denial if the sequel trilogy will remain canon let us assume for now that they are; there is still twenty-five years time between these events and those of The Force Awakens.

As we prepare for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, and other originals focused around beloved characters, this concluding scene has sparked interest in Luke Skywalker and his activities to try and revive the Jedi Order.

Though we are all undoubtedly fans of Mark Hamill, the OG, does the distraction of the choppy CGI and simultaneous joy for the character’s presence push us towards a willingness to have the role recast?

As the image shows above, Sebastian Stan (already a member of the Disney family through Marvel Studios with an upcoming original series of his own) has an uncanny resemblance to a young Mark Hamill. His resemblance, on top of this cameo excitement, is enough to want the character to appear more often in future projects.

Yet, perhaps this is what Disney intended all along?

Think about it!

Rather than surprise recast the role for this cameo scene, which would have been distracting on its own since it would come out of the blue, they decided to do the face swap as done in previous Star Wars projects. If there is enough disatisfaction with the technology and, at the same time, a sparked interest in the character to appear again in this succeding developing Star Wars universe, then they may indeed move ahead with recasting the character with this new planted enthusiasm for the idea?

Where and when a recast Luke Skywalker can appear in upcoming projects is anyone’s guess. The upcoming project that most aligns thematically and chronologically would be the Ahsoka series. Fingers crossed!


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