Could Legends Icon Darth Revan Make His Way to ‘The Acolyte’

Favreau and Filoni by this point can certainly be considered the godfathers of a galaxy far far away. Kicking off last year with a fairly mysterious series (which I admit I was indifferent too) they have been able to pull-off the same magic that Ironman did in 2008; launch a phenomenon.

Now, with the Star Wars expanded universe continuing to go deeper with upcoming shows for Disney+ it’s safe to wonder if lesser known fan favorites could be up for play in the hands of these geniuses. One character in particular that has me stroking my imaginary beard would be Legends character Darth Revan…

Now, off the bat, According to his video game appearances, this character would have lived thousands of years before the events of the prequel trilogy rather than just some hundreds as The Acolyte will be set in. However, despite the character’s popularity we have to acknowledge that his video game stories are technically not canon in the Star Wars mythos.

Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker didn’t give anything to the contrary, but an accompanying art book did highlight that Revan is featured as one of the great Sith lords depicted on the walls of Exegol. Though the details of his actions and life within the continuity remain a mystery, he is indeed now officially part of the canon.

Due to this liberty with the character within the actual continuity it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have him leap through time to be one of our main protagonist in the upcoming ongoing series, The Acolyte.

The official description states, “The Acolyte is a mystery-thriller that will take the audience into a galaxy of shadowy secrets and emerging dark side powers in the final days of the High Republic era.

For those who don’t know, Revan was a jedi turned sith and gave rise to a sith empire with his apprentice Darth Malak. However, Malak betrayed Revan and due their conflict, he suffered amnesia from his injuries leading him to forget his dark past. He was then captured by the jedi and convinced to serve the order to take down what he created.

Since the games there have been other materials created around the character. Now, since none of this is canon, Disney+ has some liberties on what to do with him. However, the fact the series is going to be a “mystery-thriller,” wouldn’t a confused force-user struggling to understand where he stands in the balance of power be a pretty great story to do this? shadowy secrets? emerging dark side powers? He doesn’t have to be the principal focus from episode one, as this is the only confirmed ongoing series, but there is great potential with him and this future show.

Within the original game one could choose Revan’s gender. The reason I bring this up is because we have been told that The Acolyte will be rather “female lead.” This doesn’t mean necessarily that Revan will be a woman (I can hear the toxic fandom lighting their torches now…) but it could be a possibility!

Personally I would love to see this character more towards the present, but as this show is has to create a whole roster of characters that need to generate their own interest, turning to such a fan favorite might be a great help. Ancient Sith that wields a purple and red lighsaber getting revenge on both sides of the light and the dark? Sign me up.

No word yet on when production begins on the series but it’s safe to say we can expect it late 2022 or early 2023.


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