‘Lando’ Likely the Subtle ‘Solo’ Sequel?

We are so far away from getting new Star Wars content, but I am still covering as much as I can about these new show announcements.

I have expressed my hope that the upcoming limited series, Lando, will be smart enough to use both Donald Glover and Billy Dee Williams’ Calrissian. A story that uses the nonlinear format (a technique used in other popular shows such as Lost, Orange is the New Black, How to Get Away with Murder, and so many others) would be a real treat to see used in the Star Wars canon.

Now, out of all the shows announced Lando is the only one that has the chance to take place (even if partially) in the post-sequel trilogy timeframe. Some might want to fight on this but I believe that if they choose to NOT include Billy Dee Williams in the project or use him only in a narrator position (something like The Wonder Years) then I think the sequel trilogy should brace for a Death Star shot in the face.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind the sequel trilogy to remain canon. Did they s*** the bed? Yes. Is it fixable? Absolutely! Disney+ is showing us how this universe can tell diverse stories and build on what the principal movies created without having to erase things from existence.

My hope is still that some day we get something showing Rey, Finn, and yes, Grogu working together to revive the jedi order once again.

Now, while on the topic of building on what has been made and fixing things, there is no doubting that the Han Solo movie did not create the buzz the studio was hoping for. The end of the film teased Maul who would have become a central figure down the road. However, because of the poor performance of the movie, the sequel was scrapped; or was it…?

Donald Glover was nothing short of a scene stealer with his interpretation of Lando in the movie. The limited series will focus around this suave thief and it would be an excellent opportunity to carry out those original sequel plans in this project with him at the center.

Regarding the time jump element, in the past you can have the former slave, Qi’ra( Emilia Clarke) appearing again taking on her new role within the Crimson Dawn Syndicate. In the present we know that the last we saw of Lando he was his offering to help Jannah (Naomi Ackie) find her home. This character was a stormtropper who went rogue with her squadron and was taken at a young age forced to serve the First Order. So right there we already have this commonality between the two time periods; souls in this galaxy who have struggled to have their freedom under the oppresion of the cruel and powerful.

The show could execute two action packed stories while also delivering the awaited live-action return of Maul. His role with Crimson Dawn has been lightly touched on in the past so to see his actions take center stage in a project could be fantastic.

With so many original projects announced there’s no telling yet when Lando will go into production but we’re hoping for a release sometime before 2023.


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