‘Sailor Moon Eternal’ How is it Going to Work?

You bet yout a** I’m talking about Sailor Moon! I do not discrimate against anime. If it’s good (and especially if it has the nostalgia factor) I’m going to chat! I was a moonie back in the 90’s. I loved it. It was essentially an all female Power Rangers summong the forces of nature to murder monsters the villains made out of used shoes and lipstick. Perfection.

It is confirmed that the Sailor Moon: Eternal parts I and II will be releasing in early 2021 and are indeed sequels connected to the first three seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal. Man, this has been a bumpy ride.

The lackluster animation of seasons one and two that only released twice a month, the change in animation for the third season (which was good!), and now after FIVE years the fourth arc is finally being adapted to movies instead of a series season.

The art this time around is being brought to us by the original animator of the 90’s as I understand it; good call, nothing wrong with some throwback. However what I have seen from the stills and the teasers looks fine but not spectacular… They’ve had five years to make these things! What gives!

I thought they might go a little more HAM on the iconic nude spinning transformation sequences, but they seem to be just edited versions from season three… I digress.

Now, for those that don’t know, if this is indeed following the path of the previous season then this will be an accurate representation of the manga. From the teasers it would seem that for the most part it’s true! Alot of clips seem like colored panels from the source material.

My concern is that the OG story was told in eleven chapters that would have been eleven episodes (likely twelve considering the length of the first chapter) but the runtime for part I is only eighty minutes… That essentially comes out to four episodes. If part II keeps the same run time it means that there will be at least three episodes worth of content that will be cut from the movies. Anime sweat drop*

I was hoping for films that would not sideline the inner and outer senshi or minimize their roles from the book as this is the arc with the most senshi participation and also the last arc that has them this front and center.

Yes this arc, like those before it, gives the inners their solo spotlight “monster of the week” chapters which I’m assuming (hoping) they will blend together in order to save time but also give each of them their proper due. We shall see.

My last question focuses around where the cut-off point will be for this movie. Stills suggest that the outer senshi will appear by the end. As happy as I’ll be to see them for the cliffhanger, that’s all the way to chapter seven! How much are these people going to cut?!

Overall, my only real wish here is that we get updated transformation sequences for my lesbian rulers Neptune and Uranus, a Crystal transformation for Pluto, and the FIRST official sequence for Saturn.

Sailor Moon Eternal Part I releases Januart 5. I will appreciate it for whatever it is!


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