Snyder Promoting Release of the ‘Ayer Cut’; Of Course He Is!

Earlier today multiple sources on twitter reported that Zach Snyder has not only voiced his support for the release of the Ayer Cut of 2016’s Suicide Squad, but that he also planned to meet with the director about it!

What that meeting could specifically lead to right now is anybody’s guess, but I’m sure it will likely include some collaboration on how to push this forward.

Snyder voicing his support for the Ayer Cut makes complete sense. Once upon a time the director was not only set to create his five connecting films (Man of Steel, BvS, and three Justice League films) but was also set to sit on the top to oversee the DCEU.

Even though the theatrical version of Suicide Squad was far from what Ayer originally intended that the version still communicated how connected it was to the larger story Snyder was trying to tell; it opens with a discussion of a dead Superman and features Affleck’s Batman for crying out loud!

We don’t want to get too cocky after fan demands for the Snyder Cut paid off, but at this point it’s safe to assume anything is possible. What will be the final factor to determine if Ayer’s version will release on HBOMax will come down to the success of Snyder’s new Justice League.

Sources claim we can expect the release of the four-hour film (or four episode miniseries? The debate is back in the ring) sometime in March of 2021. Now, there is a great deal leaning on this project; Will Justice League get its sequels as Snyder intended, will the Ayer Cut release, will Ben Affleck get the chance to make his Batman story, and will Henry Cavill hold on to the role of Superman as JJ Abrams gears up for his new Man of Steel project… No pressure.

Personally, I’m all for allowing creatives to show their work as they intended regardless of how the project is received. If it tanks then let it tank on the creator’s terms. We should 100% get a chance to see the Ayer Cut. I’m hoping that Snyder is able to pull off the success Warner needs so the rest of these projects, all a part of Snyder’s original vision we should add, can come down the pipeline as well.


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