‘WW84’ Mixed Reviews; Where Does She Go From Here?

As of this morning Wonder Woman 1984 stands ay 67% on Rotten Tomatoes; a considerable decrease compared to its predecessor.

As my review shows- I and recognize some of the very obvious issues it has, but I still enjoyed it! Aside from the problems of the movie my thoughts have gone towards the future. It’s ironic that the character that saved the DCEU after rough performances from Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman could now finds herself in an awkward position.

Jenkins’ Schedule: As of right now Patty Jenkins has some other projects on the calendar that will be priority over any potential Wonder Woman 3. Those movies are Cleopatra, which will also star Gal Gadot, and the recently announced Rogue Squadron for Disney.

These commitments could make it likely that a Wonder Woman 3 might not hit theaters for another 3-4 years!

The question becomes is that a wait the studio is going to be willing to commit to, especially if this film does indeed fall below the 60% line. Worst case scenario, these mixed reviews for a film focused on one of their strongest earners might be enough to push towards looking for another director to lead the project.

Personally? Let her finish her trilogy! Jenkins has stated that she has already written the third installment, and I absolutely loathe when creatives don’t get the chance to tell their complete story; team Jenkins all the way.

The Numbers: At the end of the day its all about money right? However, these are strange times to be a movie fan. With the pandemic still going on there is no doubt that ticket sales for WW84 are going to be heavily affected. There is still no official word on domestic box office performance, but last week we know the film underperformed internatioanlly with just $38.5 million. What did you expect?

Due to these influenced box office numbers I don’t think they will be a strong determining factor in the possibility for the third. I still believe, with everything going on, the movie could perform alright in the domestic box office. I’m curious to see if the streaming decision helped boost HBOMax subscriptions or at the very least earned the film strong streaming numbers among current subcribers.

The Drop: As mentioned the movie has a critical drop compared to the first. As of posting this article the film is still technically fresh! Fingers crossed it stays there. However, should the movie drop below 60% we could see some actions being taken such as a new director for the third installment as previously mentioned. On the other hand…

This is a defcon one, code red, worst case scenario I’m about to explain here; bare with me!

Currently Robert Pattinson is confirmed to be the next big screen Batman. Should Affleck get the greenlight for his original movie (which depends on the success of the Snyder Cut) that would clearly be something produced exclusively for HBOMax.

JJ Abrams, who will be making the next Superman film, has yet to confirm to Henry Cavill for the role. This, once again, could be something determined by the performance of the Snyder Cut.

What concerns me here, should WW84 fall into rotten territory, is will the last remaining trinity member from the original casting also be up for grabs? Could future big screen Wonder Woman projects be scrapped and leave the character to HBOMax Snyder projects?

It is still too soon to tell, but now more than ever it would seem the future of the DCEU and its heroes rests in the hands of Justice League releasing in March.


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