Ray Fisher Done with DC With Current Execs; Cyborg Likely Gone

Ray Fisher has gone on record to state that he has no interest of continuing to work with Warner so long as the curent executives in place remain. I understand this commentary came in response to Warner’s statement confirming that their future slate of films have no intention of bringing back Fisher’s Cyborg.

Fisher has been a constant voice against abuses conducted on the set of Justice League during reshoots and, safe to say, a thorn in Warner’s paw these last few months. Their decision to omit him is not surprising and neither is it a shock that he would want to step away from further projects.

Recently, it has also been reported that the current heads at the studio have NO plans to move forward with Snyder’s work (JL Trilogy) after their $70 million investment for his version of Justice League due out some time next March.

It is best to take this news as a grain of salt for now… Things can change after all! From what reports are showing as of December 30, Wonder Woman 1984 has not only been watched by more than half of HBOMax subscribers but it has also been watched more than Soul AND Hamilton on Disney+. That’s no small accomplishment!

The momentum behind the solo hero film is promising (regardless of mixed reviews) and Snyder’s film performance, as mentioned in many articles before, could dictate the future of the Snyderverse.

As for Ray Fisher’s participation, well, it is unfortunate he won’t be returning. Truthfully, nothing against the actor, but Cyborg has always felt like a Titan. I understand contextually why his powers would be wanted on the A team but it has never felt right.

Should his spot be left open this leaves space for Martian Manhunter (another character set to be revealed in Justice League) and eventually Green Lantern (praying for John Stewart and the end of tokenism) to take his place.

If Cyborg were to return the hopes would be for a big budget Titans project. There are already plently of films in the works where other characters of the team can get their introductions so never say never.


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