‘Snyderverse’ To Continue as Comic?

In the past few days we have seen official word from Warner execs saying that the investment in Snyder’s Justice League is nothing more than a one and done thing. Though Wonder Woman has a third film coming down the line, and Aquaman has an anticipated sequel in the works as well, there is no other sign of Snyder’s DCEU continuing.

Yes, Ezra Miller’s Flash will be getting a solo movie but this is a unique case. We know that his film will adapt the famous Flashpoint to some degree, but it ultimately will achieve the same purpose as the iconic book; restart the DC film universe.

Earlier today Ray Fisher has voiced his intention to no longer return to the DC film universe so long as the current executives at the studio remain in place. This leaves Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman.

For Cavill, his fate is very much up in the air- no pun intended. JJ Abrams will be taking on the next Superman project but he has yet to confirm if he will be continuing with Cavill in the titular role. This will likely strongly depend on how Snyder’s Justice League does on HBOMax. If WW84 is any clue, it could be set to do a very good job as the heroine sequel has outperformed both Soul and Hamilton in streaming viewership; and that was just one superhero!

Affleck is a little more tricky. He is confirmed to reprise his role as the caped crusader in the upcoming Flash film but is expected to take his final bow there and allow a new actor to take on the role… alongside Robert Pattinson…What the F*** is this!? More on that in another article.

For now, it doesn’t look good for Snyder and his extended universe plans on the big or small screen. That being said, he has gone on record to say he would LOVE to continue his stories in comic book/graphic novel form and DC comics superstar, Scott Snyder (don’t get confused now) has even been tapped to lead the project. Unfortunately, due to a busy schedule, he had to decline. However, the conversations are happening and this is a possibility!

Though it would be upsetting to not see Snyder’s vision brought to life completely there is still an incredible amount of gratitude to see this (already completely shot) film come to life as originally intended. He has a way of shooting his movies that look like brilliant comic book panels, so why not literally bring those visuals to the medium.

It could mean getting Snyder’s story earlier rather than later. It could allow him to create the stories completely as he wants with all the visual creativity invisioned for his films. There is also NO doubt in mind, should the Snyderverse transfer over to a bubble of its own continuity in comic books, that they would absolutely be best bestsellers for DC comics in the coming years; those graphic novel collections are going to be EPIC.

Hope is bleak! I am still looking forward to seeing how Justice League performs with fans and critics alike while also paying close attention to how it helps HBOMax.


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