‘Bridgerton’ (Spoiler) Review; Everything is Great Except Those Two

Bridgerton is a new series on Netflix which essentially is Gossip Girl meets Pride & Prejudice; sold. Sign me up.

Here is the good and the bad of this month’s latest guilty pleasure.


Eloise Keep Giving no F****: She smokes in secret, she doesn’t give a s*** at the dinner table, she lacks chill when gossip is dropping, and her desire to be free and live her life as she pleases are just the tip of the iceberg of what make Eloise the best Bridgerton of all.

Claudia Jessie steals the show in just about every scene she’s in-even if she doesn’t have any lines. I found her charming, entertaining, and a real delight to see on screen. Her devotion to her friend and the dichotomy of her naive yet realistic view of the world were absolutely fantastic. I will say, she is no Harriot the Spy! The girl was guessing everyone and their mother except for the real Lady Whistledown, but it’s ok!

I have to say I often wished her story of fearing this society, not having the freedom to do what she most wants, her relationship with her equally interesting friend, and her future dreams would have made for a much better lead to the show. Alas, oh well.

Penelope We’re Rooting for You!: Speaking of Eloise’s equally interesting friend- Penelope Featherington is the crown jewel. Nicola Coughlin steals your heart and soul with her performance.

There is such a genuine innocence and almost fragility to her. Her attraction to Colin, a man she likely can never and will never have, is so relatable! We’ve all been there! I don’t need to see eight episodes of two ridiculous pretty people making dumb decisions with no feet in reality!

The reveal of Penelope as Lady Whistledown surprised me but it didn’t shock me! Of course, how else would Whistledown have known about Marina’s pregnancy? It was the only way for Penelope to really save Colin from that fate.

It was a difficult decision but her feelings for that man are true and I support it!

More than anything the excitement for season two will be on seeing Penelope play her innocent and genuine self while also being this society gossip. Where does the motivation come from?

The Queen and her Snuff: The Queen is in Buckingham Palace snorting coke and living her best life. The end. Points earned.

Featherington’s Being MC Hammer Broke: Watching the financial struggles of this family unfold was good stuff. Their father literally gambled all their money away and they were caught in the worst scandal with Marina. THIS was television! The Bridgerton’s getting dramatic over Daphne marrying a prince or a duke had the eyes rolling so far back in the skull one could see their occipital lobe.

There is incredible suspense to find out who is going to inherit the estate and what these ladies are going to do about it!


Needs More GAY: For a show that was trying to promote diversity and inclusion, set in a time where there wasn’t any, there was really absolutey nothing great for the LGBT+ community. For a moment there it seemed Benedict Bridgerton was going to be our man, but noo0o0o0.

Come on Bridgerton… Do better,

Can This Woman Get a BREAK?: Marina… unwanted pregnancy, lover dies in war, no penny to her name, plan for marriage and security thwarted by Whistledown, almost kills herself with abortion attempt, remains with child, and has to marry her dead lover’s brother… Can she get a pause…? Can we give her something to look forward to next year…? F***…

End This Boring Toxicity: Worst for last. Yes, both the Duke of Hastings and Daphne are pretty. The end.

That’s the only positive. Their relationship from the beginning is predictable before they even bump into each other. From there they have a few cute moments before their union begins to spiral into the most ridiculous television.

By the time they’re finally married one believes that we can move on to better stuff with the rest of the cast! Wrong! The honeymoon fight at the inn makes no sense and feels like the argument of a junior high couple.

Then, Simon’s refusal to concieve a child with Daphne is filler on network television if ever one did see it. The show ends with them married, happy, and with child. Great. Hopefully it is the end of it.

..But of course it won’t be. We have the tease that Simon is not really the former Duke’s child so his status will be contended… I hope they lose everything.

Bridgerton Season 1 gets a 6 out of 10 potatoes for the great supporting cast and great execution on a fresh idea.


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