Evan Peters’ Character on ‘WandaVision’; Who is he Really?

WandaVision continues to escalate week to week with episode five being no exception. As always, this is going to be filled with a ton of spoilers so, if you haven’t seen the latest episode, you have been warned!

A TON went down this week but the biggest reveal would have to be those final seconds where Evan Peters (Pietro from the Fox X-Men movies) steps through the door and Wanda receives him as her brother. In other words, as Darcy so easily put it, Pietro has been recast! Or has he?

Sorry folks, but as much as Twitter has been aflame with the idea that this is the first hint of the anticipated multiverse in the MCU there is no doubt it is not the situation.

A: The Rules of Wanda’s Powers: Thanks to Monica and team we have been given a better idea as to how Wanda’s reality warping powers seem to operate in the MCU. Monica’s 70’s attire and the truth of Vision’s corpse serve as our best examples; Wanda cannot create anything out of nothing but rather alters the attributes of what already is to fit her will. Crazy; I know! Yet she is the product of an Infinity Stone so sky’s the limit?

By these rules it would mean that Wanda CANNOT summon Pietro back from the dead unless she has access to his body. As far as we know, she has not dug up the bones of her deceased brother as well.

B: Too Convinient: Vision was getting into Wanda’s head and was making progress in convincing her to release the people of the town. However, just as Wanda was beginning to listen the doorbell coincidentally rang. She tells Vision that she didn’t summon anyone and the thing is- I believe her!

This Pietro, that popped in right on time to stop the breakthrough, has to be none other than the dark force aiding Wanda in this reality warped nightmare. Even worse, he may be influencing her with his own powers to make her do these unforgivable things. Why pose as Pietro? Well, if you’re the mastermind you want to make sure your plan is going according to plan, right? Who else would Wanda allow to interrupt her time with Vision other than the person she misses most?

C: Why Recast?: Why Would Wanda “recast” her brother? There’s no logical reason. She knows the man she grew up with. If she were truly in control she would have brought him back exactly as she remembers him. This “recast” is nothing more than a poke for the audience; A tip of the hat to this actor who played the popular character from the X-Men movies while he transitions into the MCU. a As who? That is yet to be determined but my money is on Mephisto!

D: About Her Powers Again: Wanda cannot create anything out of nothing. Her powers can only alter that which already is. Yes, somehow she has brought Vision back from the dead but to create NEW life out of thin air? Not likely…

It is no secret to comic fans that when Wanda originally created her twins they were born from pieces of Mephisto’s soul. For all we know, the twins have been the goal of this evil (Evan Peters) the entire time.

We have to acknowledge in this week’s episode that the children continued to push Wanda to use her powers to bring the dog back to life. This shows that the children might not be under Wanda’s control either. They are pushing her to use elements of her powers that are morally incorrect just like the existence of the town and the resurrection of Vision.

I CANNOT wait for next week’s 90s Halloween episode!


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