Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ Trailer Breakdown

So! At long last we have our second official trailer for the Zack Snyder’s Justice League. I wanted to take a little time to break it down and go over some of the highlights so, let’s get to it.

Snyder Stop Spoiling Your Stuff!: The trailer looks fantastic, but I have to comment on Snyder’s fan status that is equal to the public. He is just so excited that everyone is going to be seeing this and he’s so happy to see DC fans geek out that he just CANNOT stop spoiling his own goods.

He did this back in 2016 with his BvS trailer by revealing the Doomsday third act appearance and by giving fans the money shot of the trinity standing together. THAT kind of footage is stuff you save for the big screening!

The lead up to this trailer is no different. In the past week he gave us that new shot of Darkseid that revealed the appearance of Granny Goodness, he gave us those money shots of Superman and Cyborg, and though we didn’t see the last second Joker clip he did show us a picture of him in costume.

These early reveals took away all that shock factor that this trailer WOULD have packed had he waited until today. That being said, the trailer still highlights just how visually outstanding this project is going to be; no surprise since regardless of how you feel about Snyder’s story-telling abilities he is a nerd with an amazing eye for visuals.

Richer Action Scenes: The movie will be four hours which we know will create a completely different experience than what we saw of the theatrical cut. Since the infamous Josstice Leaue was a botched and rushed job it’s safe to say that it didn’t shoot or create any new action sequences. Therefore, storywise, where the action scenes fit in, might very well still be the bulk of the action for this cut.

The trailer highlights familiar territory (Amazon fight, Tunnels, third act etc.) but my hope is that these sequences are enriched with some extra detail. Yes, there are clues that it’s exactly what we’re going to get, but it would be a shame if that additional footage in a four-hour time span doesn’t make much of a difference or add something significant to those pieces of the experience.

Manhunter: He left him out of the trailer! Thank you Snyder! We know he’s coming but this is one of those reveals I absolutely don’t want spoiled. That being said, Snyder has let it slip that there will be a surprise third trailer before the film drops on March 18. I may choose to just not watch that from fear of spoilers.

The Quote: Of all the insane action and beautiful imagery the one thing that steals the show in this trailer is Joker delivering the “We live in a society…” Hilarious and also cements that this is and always has been for the fans. Regardless of how everything turns out after the release of this film, it will always be something outstanding to remember how fans brought this project back from the dead. Snyder knows it and he showed up to deliver. So, so fantastic.

Epic: The biggest takeaways from the trailer have to be the point being made, once again, that this is not Josstice League with twenty minutes of additional dialogue. This is a completely different film. Second, the “age of heroes” quote is so appropriate! What is the Justice League if not a pantheon of gods much like those of the greeks. In fact, each key member, if you think about it, has a parallel to those mighty characters of myth (sad we’re missing our Apollo, Green Lantern). Therefore, for it to be indeed a roster of Gods then the film by necessity has to be something of this magnitude. So exciting to see it come to gether.

As of the completion of this post the Justice League trailer has hit the airways about an hour ago. Since then it has gone up to trend at #2 behind Valentines Day. Not bad! We will be paying close attention to its activity and trailer views throughout the day.

Snyder and WB have gone on record to make it clear that this is a final project and no more Snyder content can be expected after this movie. I’m indifferent about that. What I do hope is that the doors he built for spinoff projects get the green lights they deserved. I would also like to see this roster of the League come back for a future project exclusively for HBOMax. If the subscriptions spike up significantly, with positive reviews, then perhaps not all is lost. Fans brought this back from the dead once so we can’t underestimate what else can be achieved.

Justice League hits HBOMax March 18.


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