‘WandaVision’ and the Laws of Magic

We are just one week away from the FINALE of the WandaVision limited series over on Disney+. Yes, as of right now, the show focusing on Wanda Maximoff and Vision is said to be a ‘one and done.’ Thought it is worth noting that when it comes to Kevin Feige we should never say never, it’s also good practice to not get our hopes up either. Regardless, there is a ton to discuss from this weeks episode and I wanted to focus on the magical elements that have been introduced.

Before this episode confirmed the presence of magic in Westfield the only presence of real magic in the MCU was in 2016’s Doctor Strange. Episode eight showed us the history of Agatha Harkniss and IMPORTANT retcons(?) to Wanda Maximoff. The new details have built her up not only as one of the most powerful characters in the MCU but one of the most exciting to follow.

1: It was Wanda all along: Age of Ultron provided the background information to the Maximoff twins; we learned that both lost their parents in a bombing where the two managed to survive a defective Stark bomb never going off. Well, we now have learned that there was nothing wrong with that bomb but that it was Wanda casting her first ever probability hex (her original powers from the comics) that saved both their lives.

Wanda never gained her powers from the Mind Stone, but rather had her magical abilities amplified due to it. At this point it’s safe to assume Wanda will never be considered a mutant but rather someone born with an inclination for the mystic arts; I’m on board!

2:Color coding makes everything better: In the flashback of Agnes we learned that a coven of witches sought to destroy her for learning and practicing dark magic. In this scene the coven uses their blue powers to try and execute her but are dried like raisins when Agnes unleashes her black and purple dark magic. With this scene it seems that we have been introduced to five colors or “brands” of magic.

Orange: this is the primary color of Doctor Strange’s magic and constructs. I assume this is the color of magic for those who have been educated under the Ancient One and have learned to practice such a high level of magical discipline.

Purple: Funny enough, Agnes is not the first purple and black magic user we have seen in the MCU. Many might not know, but in the Hulu original series, The Runaways, when Nico is under the evil influence of the staff it too gives off the same purple and black magical aura. Dormamu, the villain in the Doctor Strange film, also had deep purple eyes and purple energy blasts. Is he the source for these magic casters? Not sure, but It’s safe to say this is a color for evil magic users.

Blue: The color of the witches in the Salem flashback. It would seem that this is a good color? What differs them from Doctor Strange we still don’t know. The only thing of note is that young Billy’s magic is also blue. We know there isn’t an evil bone in that kid’s body (soul? up for discussion) so I am assuming there is a positive element to those who wield this color.

Scarlet: It turns out this is a one and only color. It is the color of the one who wields the chaos magic of myth. In this case it would be Wanda making her the one and only Scarlet Witch. As Agatha makes clear this is a very powerful and dangerous source compared to the others.

It is likely Doctor Strange didn’t pick up on Wanda because by the time he is introduced to the MCU Civil War has already happened. Therefore, Wanda is on the run laying low.

Sure, if Strange wanted to find her he could have but by this point Wanda has not done anything to trigger the attention of Strange for magical reasons. Her need to keep a low profile would also have avoided being noticed and circumstances to unlease her true power. Both are gone for the five year blip and now we have the events of WandaVision falling perfectly into place for Stephen Strange to get involved.

Something else that stood out was when Agatha’s mother was trying to kill her the aura of a headpiece appeared around her head. Is it possible that the headpiece of a witch has a meaning as well? That it is the symbol of ones rank among the level of magic user?

In Wanda’s case she is the one and only Scarlet Witch so her adopting the headpiece of a Sakovian fortune-teller would seem fair game as their is no one to dictate the particular school of magic.

Green: The specific magic color given off by the Time Stone when used by Doctor Strange. Likely not to be a thing moving forward, but worth mentioning it was there.

3: Discipline of magic: Agatha may be skilled but she also seems to be mostly self taught. She mentioned that she has spent years developing and practicing the craft where Wanda, by innate ability, has been able to cast magic more powerful than she could ever dream.

Agatha too appears to be able to create magic constructs such as Wanda’s bindings and the rope around Billy and Tommy’s necks. However, neither she nor Wanda seem to be as magically disciplined as the Sorcerer Supreme and his disciples. This begs the question, if Wanda is this powerful without proper teaching, what the hell would she become if she did?

These are the things I wanted to highlight from this week’s episode as it feels like the first real introduction to magic into the MCU. I am looking forward to more rules and exploration of the mystic arts ahead and to see how it will play a role in future projects.


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