‘Justice League’ Countdown Day 2: New 52/ ‘Justice League: War’

It is day two for our countdown leading up to Zack Snyder’s Justice League due out March 18.

In anticipation we are going to continue dedicating every day up to the date with a shout out to iconic Justice League material of the past. Today we are going to take a look at issues one through six of the New 52’s Justice League as well as the animated film Justice League: War.

Why both? Well, War was the animated film that followed Flashpoint, officially kicking off the DC animated Universe which ran for fifteen films! This initial project was based off of the (great) six issue arc from the books, so honoring them both only felt appropriate.

The Roster: For this iteration of the team we were given Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman (Shazam in his place for the movie), The Flash, Green Lantern, and Cyborg.

This book marked the first time seeing Cyborg being promoted up to the league from the Titans and provided him with a unique origin story that influenced Ray Fisher’s portrayal for the upcoming film.

The beginning of his origins are familiar; angry with his father, a fight breaks out, and a tragic lab accident leaves him on the edge of death. What’s different this time around is that what ends up saving Victor’s life is the presence of the mother box from Apokalips. This makes our new hero not only an advanced technological weapon, but one forged from the most evil planet in the universe; love it.

The book also brings Hal Jordan back as the lead Green Lantern on the team since his decades long abscence (where Kyle Rayner and John Stewart filled in) and after the events of Green Lantern: Rebirth.

On a completely cosmetic note, the book introduced my personal favorite Batman and Superman looks; Batman with his short horns and minimalists bat on the chest; Superman with the shield influenced sleeves and collar, and BOTH ditching the damn underwear- it was 2013! It was about time!

Darkseid: Of course, it can’t be a Justice League Story without our villain. As the Justice League is a team of literal gods, the threats they face almost always have to be other wordly in order for there to feel like real stakes. So, when it comes to threats, there is noone greater than he who is entropy, he who is death; Darkseid.

You gussed it, Darkseid has sent his parademons to earth in order to take it over, suck it dry of its resources, and convert its people into parademons to serve his intergalactic conquest.

If you’re looking for things to get you ready for the movie on March 18, this might be one of the top things to read, watch, or both.

Though I doubt much of either comic book or movie will be depicted identical in Zack Snyder’s work, there’s no doubt, as made clear by the Cyborg example, these six issues ended up being incredible influences for the path towards the movie.

Fun: We can’t talk comics without tipping our hats to the artist that make them come to life. In this case it is none other than comics legend, Jim Lee. Yes, that Jim Lee; the one who did the X-Men books in the 90’s, did the art for Batman: Hush, and more. Not only is the book a ton of fun with the league going against Darkseid but the artwork makes it that much better.

As for the writer of the book. I am fully aware of the allegations and issues that have recently surfaced regarding Geoff Johns. There is no doubt that the man has contributed iconic and influential work for DC over the years and that cannot be denied. However, when it comes to continuing to support him? There are ways around that.

If you want to take a look at this book, which informs so much of what we are going to see in a couple of weeks, then you can go check your local library for a copy. If you are eager to own your own then you can log on to Amazon and take a look at the used copies that people are selling. They’re significantly cheaper than a new copy and you can avoid any royalty situation with Johns if something like that is active for sales regarding these trade paperbacks.


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