‘Justice League’ Countdown Day 3: Speed Demons

Superman: The Animated Series ran from 1997 to 2000 on Kids WB. I was much more of a Batman kid, but what made the Superman show special were the rare occassion team-up episodes. Mind you, these were the first instances that many of us were seeing other members of the Justice League in any “modern” animation since Super Friends; We were losing our S***!

Out of the few that were made, none stood out as more special than Season 2, Episode 4- “Speed Demons.” This episode saw Metropolis get ready for a friendly race between the two fastest men alive; Superman and The Flash.

This was the kind of cartoon episode that we disobeyed our parents for, refused to go eat dinner until it was over for, and would got too worked up after it was over.

Up until this point we were used to the two demensional versions of these characters from the 70’s cartoon reruns, the brooding modern Batman, and the boyscout Superman. To see a Flash who was funny, arrogant, and licked his finger and made a sizzle sound when putting it to his ass? Amazing.

The duo commit to the race as we’re given amazing sequences of them circling the globe and running on water but, being a show of action, the ultimately have to team-up against the Weather Wizard. It’s iconic.

I would like to believe that this episode, along with the other team-ups, were the success that ultimately landed fans the Justice League animated series in 2000.

Therefore, I strongly suggest you give this episode a watch. If you’re curious about the others they are…

Season 2, Episodes 16-18: Batman

Season 2, Episode 20: Doctor Fate

Season 2, Episode 21 and 23: Steel

Season 2, Episode 25-26: Orion

Season 2, Episode 27-28: Supergirl

Season 3, Episode 3: The Legion of Superheroes

Season 3, Episode 7: Green Lantern

Season 3, Episode 9: Aquaman


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