‘Justice League’ Storyboards Revealed; Pros and Cons of Snyder’s Vision

We are a little less than two weeks away for Snyder’s Justice League premiere on HBOMax. At this point it’s safe to say this will be the official end to Snyder’s creative work on the DC property; Cavill has been officially replaced, Affleck will take his final bow in The Flash movie, and the studio continues to prepare its post Snyder projects.

Likely due to this inevitable end, Snyder has been very vocal about what his plans would have entailed for his future Justice League projects. Lucky for us, we have recently seen illustrated storyboards for those films.

So, I wanted to take some time to breakdown the pros and cons of the movies that would have been.


Legion of Doom: Now we’re f***** talking! JL1 will give us this amazing team-up that will lead to a more character driven part two. We ultimately would have had this movie explore the heroes individually while seeing an evil team forged by Luthor. Fantastic!

The members? That I save for the cons list.

Anti-life Equation: If it’s Darkseid and Fourth World it’s just GOT to have the equation. Since BvS we knew this would ultimately have come into play within Snyder’s vision. I’m indifferent to the fact that it would have been the Riddler who solved it? Thus resulting in his suicide?

I don’t know if I buy that. The Riddler, by definition, is a malignant narcissist. If anything he would have been so arrogant to try and use it for himself which ultimately would have had him roasted by Darkseid’s omega beams. THAT would have been incredible!

Plus, his deluded fantasy of using the equation would have been a fun throwback to the plot of Batman Forever in my opinion.

Green Lantern: Of course the arrival of one of the founding members of the league; the silver age green lantern is a key plus here. The storyboard doesn’t specify which of the lanterns would have appeared at the beginning of JL3, but I still hope that it would have been John Stewart.

MINOR complaint is that we wouldn’t have met him until the third film. Bit of a bummer.

Race Against Time: JL3 seems to kick-off with a very, Days of Future Past first act; we find Green Lantern crash on Earth alone and in desperate need to find other remaining Lanterns. What he finds is what’s left of the Knightmare Justice League; more on them in a bit.

This team must send the Flash back in time to warn Bruce of the events of JL2 in order to prevent the future. What stands in their way? Anti-life Equation Superman.

The storyboard briefly breaks down what would have been a brutal (and honest!) depiction of these less powerful beings facing off against a god. Each one has to give up their life so the Flash can make it into the past. However, they are happy to do it for if he succeeds, then this world, this future will never have happened; see? DOFP! I’m not mad at it! Had this sequence been the entire first act I think it would have been an amazing piece to the movie.

Deadshot: Though he only appeared in Suicide Squad, Will Smith’s Deadshot being one of the future league members is actually genius. The emotional undertone of Suicide Squad, or at least the version we saw, centered on Deadshot’s relationship with his daugher. His sacrifice for her in this world really hits and takes us deeper into the overall vision Snyder had for his cinematic universe.

History Repeats Itself: I am looking forward to seeing Snyder’s version of the history montage from when Darkseid initially tried to conquer Earth. One, because we’re never going to see JL3, and two because it was going to ultimately be the reference point for the five movie finale; humans, atlanteans, and amazons uniting once again to fight the forces of Apokalips.

The Justice League is a story of a pantheon; an epic. The scale of Snyder’s finale would have been absolutely incredible to see. The Green Lantern Corp would have even come in to help just as they did in past!


Additional Faces: The storyboards seem to leave out Martian Manhunter from the future rosters even though he allegedly was always a part off JL1. This means it’s possible our favorite martian dies in the upcoming movie. If that’s the case? I’m pissed. He’s the last son of Mars for F**** sake!

Giving Snyder the benefit of the doubt, JL2 could have also seen Martian Manhunter but the details just weren’t included in the board. JL3 could have seen him, the Shazam family, the Birds ofPrey, Suicide Squad, and basically any character introduced into the DCEU over the last few years.

Such alterations already exist! Justice League will give us a Knightmare team that includes Deathstroke and Joker who were not originally part of his vision. It stands to reason further alterations to make dynamics and scenes more epic would have happened.

Hell, if this movie ever did get made it could have likely also included Black Adam, Hawkman, Static, and any other upcoming premiere characters. Damn it.


Legion: Before getting into this criticism, it’s important to note that it was written with different release dates and plans were still set with Snyder leading the team.

Of course, things have shifted, new characters have been introduced, and this would have ultimatley seen some edits.

The “legion” that Luthor would have brought together would have included himself, Dr. Maru, Captain Cold, Ocean Master, Black Manta, and as previously mentioned, the Riddler.

I’m actually completely fine with most of these choices EXCEPT Maru. With Wonder Woman 1984 releasing, and introducing an immortal Cheetah, I would much rather this slot be given to a Legion of Doom icon finding a way to kill Wonder Woman.

I actually would have liked to include Deathstroke as well to keep that Josstice League post credit scene legitimate. What if The Riddler weren’t in the jungle all by himself but Deathstroke was there to bodygaurd? We could have gotten the Batman and Deathstroke showdown that we may have never gotten to see in the solo Affleck movie since failing to be green lit.

Using the wild backdrop opposed to the city would have made for a unque application to both of their stealth and combat abilities.

This way, all league members would have had an epic one-on-one in the movie.

Lois: This is where you lose EVERYONE. Yes, some fans will be totally fine with it, but objectively we can see how this would be a huge issue. Of course I’m talking about the Batman and Lois romance that leads to a bat-baby. No.

Bruce Wayne falling in love with Lois? Eh, fine? Maybe?

It’s the fact that Clark dies, comes back to life, and it’s the death of Lois that leads to the end of the world, BUT Lois had a lovechild with someone else.

It just doesn’t fit.

I’m not sure how this would have been edited to make for a different trigger for Bruce with the time travel sequence, but this just doesn’t land…

Again, like many things here, we can assume details would have changed. I BEG this Bruce and Lois plot would have been scrapped for something else.

Introduce Thalia in part two? Have the lovechild be Damian? Have Thalia die in the flashback? Make it Selina Kyle!

Basically, use anyone that is actually associated with Bruce instead of taking that kind of (deserved) criticism for such a random pull.

Though we will likely never see this come to life, I am still hoping Snyder gets the chance to tell his tale in a graphic novel format. I think it would be a smart move from the comic book company as it would be an absolute sales success.

This still may happen! We will have to see what the numbers look like after next week before any wheels start turning.

Justice League is set to premiere on HBOMax March 18.


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