‘Snyder Cut’ Appears to Be a Success; What Does It Mean For the DCEU?

WOW. Zack Snyder’s Justice League completely blew us away. So happy for the Snyders, the cast, and everyone that worked on the production of this thing; truly something special for DC comics fans!

Now, as of today the movie has done fairly well with critic reviews, very well with fan reception, has crashed some streaming services internationally, and has maintained strong trending status across social media globally. At face value it would seem the movie has succeeded at what it set out to do! The last piece of the puzzle, and likely the most important, is how the film supported subscription increase for the HBOMax platform along with actual streaming numbers. Any information regarding that has yet to be made public (and might not ever?) so all we can do is utilize the former information to shape a guess at Snyder’s DCEU future; for the time being things look positive.

There is no doubt with the launch of a new Batman franchise and announcement for a new Superman that any Snyderverse resurrection will have to stay on HBOMax; fine by us!

The funny thing about this is that Warner is truly not in a pickle at all. Out of the nine DCEU films that have released thus far, all of them have a connection to the Snyderverse. The one with the least would have to be Shazam! which, regardless, had its hero references to Batman and Superman be directly from Snyder’s aesthetic.

In regards to the future we have,

The Suicide Squad: This still uses Snyderverse cast from the original Suicide Squad movie. Unless something in the narrative CLEARLY contradicts events in that movie and the Snyderverse as a whole, it can easily be considered canon.

The Flash: This still has Ezra Miller in the leading role and will see Ben Affleck as one of the Batmen. The awkward piece to this story is that it’s meant to be a multiverse movie that sees Ben Affleck’s Batman take his final bow. I can see how that can be translated to the final bow for theatrical release, but time will tell what Anthony Muschetti is planning and if any changes will need to be made considering the success of Justice League. No doubt, this is an important piece to keep an eye on moving forward.

Aquaman 2: Again, Jason Mamoa, part of the original lineup. This ties directly to Snyderverse. No worries here.

Shazam 2: The first had its connections to the DCEU. What creative choices will be made here? Who knows. Good news is the original did a fantastic job of setting up its own pocket within the DCEU and it’s still a movie that can easily connect.

Black Adam: Here is the first real “issue”? Dwayne Johnson is in a particularly interesting position with this movie. We know that The Batman will be the first project releasing to step away from the DCEU. However, Batman is such an easy property to do that with while maintaining the integrity of the original design; Affleck and Pattinson’s versions are polar opposite expressions of the character and Pattinson’s can exist in a space where he doesn’t have to blend his tone to an ensemble of different heroes.

Black Adam however will not just introduce this character but other DC icons such as Hawkman and Doctor Fate. The latter is one that I feel should have stronger ties to the Justice League Dark, but the former is the eternal lover of someone I find critical to the JL team; Hawkwoman. \

Johnson has gone on record to state that the studio did not let him use her for his film because they have plans in motion already for her elsewhere. My guess is they wish to introduce the two hawks seperately before bringing them together for their iconic romance. Will they allow this Hawkwoman to crossover with Snyder’s characters?

My anxiety is that Warner may allow Snyder to continue but not allow him to introduce any new faces such as the two key JL members missing; the hawk I just mentioned and John Stewart who Snyder has already gone on record to confirm he was not allowed to use for his official cut.

Fans of the DCEU will probably also be hoping for a day where Black Adam and Superman can face off! Johnson himself even did some fun smack talk about the idea at DC Fandome last year. Question is which Superman will that be…?

Other films that have been greenlit are The New Gods, Static Shock, and Blue Beetle. These projects are still in too early in their production to really speak on where they could fit in this broader conversation but time will tell.

None of this mentions the projects that will be for HBOMax but we will certainly address those and their crossover potential in a different article.


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