Is Dwayne Johnson the Agent To Save the Snyderverse? Some Thoughts

Twitter continues to be an outlet for devoted fans to express their love for the Snyderverse. Despite their efforts resulting in 1.5 MILLION tweets, breaking Avengers Endgame‘s record of most tweets for a film in twenty-four hours, Warnermedia has yet to voice anything contrary to their stance on ‘death to the Snyderverse.’

Now, despite the fact that we are a little over one month departed from the HBOMax premiere with no news, it is important to note the trajectory of #ReleasetheSnydercut; it was in November of 2019 that fans took to twitter to voice their desire, and it wasnt until May of 2020, six months later, that there was official word that the project was greenlit for streaming. Snyder confirmed during this year’s Justice Con that despite the six month gap after the 700,000 tweets in support, he was actually contacted by the studio the day after the Twitter movement. He didn’t give clues during his panel that such conversations have taken place this time around, but it certainly isn’t a hopeless cause…yet.

Aside from fan efforts, it seems another ally may have joined the cause to complete Snyder’s vision! He is none other than film superstar, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. What clues do we have of this possibility? Let’s take a look.

1: Black Adam: Right off the bat we need to state the obvious; Johnson will be joing the DC film universe with 2022’s Black Adam. He has been slated to take on this role since 2014 and the movie has recently gone into production in Atlanta, Georgia. Leading his own DC property means Jonhson has chips in the game not just for where his character can go in the future, but where the extended universe will go moving forward. Johnson is no stranger to ensemble films and the upcoming project will even introduce Justice Society icons like Doctor Fate and Hawkman. As he sets his sights on laying down the groundwork for the society what about the league?

1: Sevens Bucks: Some many know that Johnson co-owns Seven Bucks Production Company along with his ex-wife, Dany Garcia. The production company has been involved with multiple projects featuring Johnson such as the new Jumanji films, Hobbs & Shaw, HBO’s Ballers, DC’s Shazam! and, of course, the upcoming Black Adam movie.

What is important to note here is the involvment of Seven Bucks for the production of Shazam!. The most likely thing here is that the company got involved with the desire for the eventual Black Adam face-off. Though Shazam isn’t the only character that was supposed to be featured for the iconic battle… Dany Garcia still represents Johnson but she also represents our beloved Superman, Henry Cavill. Both Johnson and Cavill not only share a manager but they also have a friendship. Johnson originally signed on to play Black Adam back in 2014(!) before any of the BvS drama had exploded. Shazam!, co-produced by Seven Bucks, was always a part of Snyder’s original block of films meaning Johnson was always planning for his Black Adam to be featured next to Cavill’s Superman and Zachary Levi’s Shazam. Of course, besides the Snyder drama, it seems the studio also had their drama with Cavill himself as he refused to appear for a cameo at the end of Shazam!. One would think this a no-brainer considering Cavill’s representation as well as Seven Buck’s position with production. However, rumor is Mr. Cavill was fighting the studio for more money and was using his position to try and collect. Of course, this didn’t go over well as Cavill has since lost the role of Superman with JJ Abrams and Ta-Nehesi Coates teaming up for a new project starring a black lead.

As Cavill is also represented by Seven Bucks, it wouldn’t be a farfetched assumption that both Garcia and Johnson are strategizing how to get Cavill to appear in a future project and reclaim his role as Superman. What clout Garcia and Johnson have on getting the studio to sway may likely rely on Black Adam’s performance. At the same time, Johnson is a powerhouse in the industry these days so such conversations may already be underway.

2: Wonder Woman/ Green Lantern: At first, I thought the extent of Johnson and Gal Gadot’s working relationship had been confined to the Fast and Furious franchise but, alas, the plot thickens! Both Gadot and Johnson are a part of the large Netflix weekly film initiative for 2021. Both of them, alongside (former Green Lantern) Ryan Reynolds, will all be featured in the upcoming original for the streaming service, Red Notice.

This might be a stretch, but there are multiple factors to consider here. One, during the shooting of this film it could be safe to say that Gadot, Reynolds, and Johnson, all actors with history over in the Warnermedia world, have had conversations about the recent climate; especially considering the investigations based on Ray Fisher’s claims.

Second, it’s worth taking into consideration that Red Notice was in production for a good chunk of 2020 (COVID considered). Principal photography wrapped up towards the end of last year; a time when rumors were swirling that Reynolds may have appeared as Hal Jordan for what eventually became the Martian Manhunter final scene in ZSJL. Though we have confirmation Snyder’s Green Lantern would have been John Stewart, played by Wayne T. Carr, we know the last scene would have shown Kilowog, Hal, and John descending to speak with Bruce (F***** Damn it, Warnermedia). Aside from Warner pulling the plug on Green Lantern, Reynolds ultimately wasn’t able to make the cameo work. Regardless, the fact that these talks were happening shows yet another linkage from Johnson to the director. Well, two actually considering Gadot. The point here is that Johnson’s road to the Snyderverse grows.

3: The Aquaman: This might be the greatest stretch of all! Yet I still feel it is worth mentioning. We can remember a time when it wasn’t even confirmed if the Snyder Cut existed;a time when it was a myth! It wasn’t until Jason Momoa, after Aquaman’s explosive box office success, not only confirmed that it existed but that he had seen it! This was the spark that launched fans to eventually organize and result in the four-hour epic.

The thing about Momoa that is so admirable is the devotion he has to his people. He has repeated often how Snyder gave him the opportunity of a lifetime with this role and has been a great ally to Snyder during all of this studio drama.

Recently, Johnson released an adorable video of his daughter’s third birthday where she absolutely geeks out over Momoa’s Aquaman! Turns out Momoa and Johnson are friends! Aquaman kindly recorded a video for his new fan and Johnson captioned the end of his instagram post with, “Thanks for having my back – I’ll always have yours.”

NOW, SURE! This could just be in the spirit of friendship and kindness… But Johnson is also a man of his people and looking out for those he considers friends in the business. Momoa has been nothing but great with Snyder and noting this connection from Momoa and Johnson makes me hope that THE ROCK is getting more involved with this mission than we think.

Johnson has a personal connection to literally half of the f***** Justice League! He also cares deeply about the fandom and he knows a great business opportunity when he sees one. I’m not saying he’s the only one who can make it happen. Though I think it’s safe to believe that because of the connections he has to these actors that he is rooting for their success as much as he is rooting for his own. He had signed up for this when the Snyderverse was the vision and as Warner seems to lack a legitimate one (at least right now) I can see him emphasizing points to the studio…


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