Finn Wittrock Cast As Guy Gardner for HBOMax’s ‘Green Lantern’

It was going to start coming sooner or later! We officially have our first cast announcement for the live-action HBOMax Green Lantern series. Finn Wittrock, known for his work on American Horror Story, will be taking on the role of the corps favorite douchebag, Guy Gardner. Um, ok!

No real opinions here on the casting. I think he’s fine? A bigger concern over the faithfulness of the character is how creators are planning on bringing him to life. We know the series will serve as an anthology spanning decades to highlight various different lanterns. It is likely that Gardner will be set in his decade of origin, the 80s, but no official word on that just yet.

The thing about this character is that he is very much, well, an asshole. Yes, a funny one! Though I am curious to how they will bring him to the small screen and create the means to care about him as a lead. We’ll see!

Now, I can’t talk about the Green Lantern series without talking about the notable absences. The show will feature several lanterns but the lantern trinity, Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, and John Stewart are nowhere to be found!

It’s an interesting and daring move for the studio, but the assumption has to be that the A-list lanterns are being saved to debut on the big screen. Where? Who knows.

Zack Snyder recently took a stab at his vision for John Stewart, but was ultimately denied using him for the final cut of Justice League. Aside from this footage (that we may never see) there is no word on when we can expect to see the icnonic Lantern in live-action again.

Green Lantern for HBOMax is said to have a budget matching that of The Mandalorian with no confirmation on episode runtime and episode count. It is safe to say we will likely be hearing more casting announcements in the coming weeks as the project is set to start principal photography soon.


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