X-Men’s Hellfire Gala; The Top 10 Looks

Never in all my days as comic fanatic did I think we would have the opportunity for mutan high fashion. What a time to be alive!

The Hellfire Gala is just a little over a month away and we have or official looks from the Hickman era team rosters. I took time to look through them all and make my list for the top ten best and the top ten worst looks for the gala! Honestly, had too much fun. The process made me miss Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police in particular.

10: NightCrawler:

Now, one of the main things I was looking for was not just creativity but also looks that felt cohesive with a character’s powers as well as their personalities; did it all come together while being stylish or was it a hot mess? With this in mind I completely fell in love with Nightcrawler’s look; it received in audible “Aw.” We know him as our favorite mutant swordsman and a fanatic of the pirate aesthetic. Rather than put him in some dumb blackbeard costume they adorned him in something that feels representative of a muskateer. There’s a sophistication and elegance to this look that is just perfect. My boy is ready to impress at this thing!


Someone please go grab the ice water because Piotr Rasputin is leaving the guests PARCHED and he knows it. It is worth noting that this look also comes complete with a black russian hat to compliment that rugged beard; it’s over. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up or read the Hellfire Gala guide book, please go to the section highlighting Colossus, and enjoy the thirst sermon that is the two-pager. I love that his look finds a way to highlight the steel skin without making it overtly nude.The hat and fur cape feel like the perfect homages to this proud russian. Again, there’s a simplicity to it while also an artistic edge. Easy choice for top ten.

8: Jubilee:

I absolutely loathe this character but respect must be given where it is due. YES. There are so many places a look for Jubilee could have gone. Considering the explosive color of her powers they could have made her look like the cast of the muppets ralphed all over her. But no. Instead they went with something leaning more simple yet radiant and pays sudble homage to her powers. The shade of pink brings home the celebratory allegory of her abilities and her earrings and bracelet complete the idea. So far a clear pro on my list is being able to execute really faithful character ideas while also looking real. Jubilee is a standout for me.


This man’s tattoo earned such an eye roll from me that I could literally see my own frontal lobe. Yet, creators haver given him a look that not only allows the tattoo to fit but make it look good. There’s no other way to say it; Pyro’s look for the Hellfire Gala screams DTF and the invitation is approved. I ACTUALLY want that jacket! The color is spectacular. I even agree with the shredded material in lieu of a shirt. ONLY complaint here are those Ichabod Crane shoes, but they also help balance everything else out; the look is doing a ton and doesn’t really need the pop of vibrant footwear. This character is so tirtiary yet the artist understood the assignment and did not slack. Incredible.

6: Laura/ Wolverine:

Again, simple, realistic, and also plays to what would be Laura’s comfort level; feminine but there is space to move and it’s not restricting. If a “situation” shows up this beast is going to need to get physical and the dress allows her to do just that with the hybrid skirt. Of course it’s also worth noting that the dress pays respect to the classic Wolverine Uniform. Should it lose points for lack of creativity in that field? Eh. I still adore it. I would say I also forgive the uniform homage considering we know Laura is officially joining the X-Men team. The gala is supposed to be a celebration of the new roster and the idea of picking a dress that stylistically has that representation actually feels like an appropriate choice.

5: Psylocke: \

Oh now we’re getting into the thick of it. A part of me feels it’s almost unfair for Psylocke to be on this list. Over the decades I have found her uniform color pallet, powers, and aesethetic to be real facilitators for epic style. What can I say though? A win is a win! When it comes to creating her look for the Hellfire Gala I feel, unlike other characters, there was certainly alot of potential influence and inspiration to take from. Her dress has that air of traditional Japan while spicing it up with the deep neckline. This should be a boring dress but the use of the flowers that mimic the color of her psychic butterflies is a dramatic homerun. I’m excited to see the dress in panels all over Hellions.


Now we’re in the real deep of it. Here we have a look I want and a look I wish I could pull off. When I think Met Gala I think this is something we could realistically see. The choice of colors are so vibrant and polarizing yet they come together brilliantly. Unlike other looks for the Gala, Manifold has one of the only ones that has vivid attention to detail. The cuff of his pants are so subtle yet bring it all together. The shoes are outstanding. the rings and necklace are perfect accessories for the jacket design and the face paint is chef’s kiss. This is another look I’m pumped to see in the pages.

OK…THIS IS IT…THE THREE FINALISTS…. Getting into Tyra mode with my photos in hand.***

3: Jean Grey:

Put some respect on her name and stop calling her Marvel GIRL. Does a GIRL serve this kind of hip-pop decadence?! I think not. I think NOT. Some of my vote here, I confess, may come from my joy from seeing her out of the ridiculous 60’s costume. Yet, the train, the shoes, the skin-tight fit, the headdress that reminds of her 90’s Jim Lee Uniform, and even the floating shards of gold just look amazing. I appreciate the choice to keep her in phoenix yellow and green. The hair looks royal. It’s fabulous. Jean will also be co-leading the new X-Men team so she better have come correct and she 100% did. Bronze Medal.

2: Emma Frost:

Miss Frost said this is my Gala and my Gala only; we can figure that out or suffer the consequences. Someone call the paramedics because the White Queen is giving me a gay heart attack! YES. Green checks all over the board. A simple and minimal dress of cascading diamonds over her diamond form. Her hair even mimics the dres for christ sake! This is a look that I not only love for the books, but I want to see this in live-action. Absolutely stunning.

1: Synch:

This character has just continued to impress time after time in the Hickman era. My familiarity with Synch prior to Hickman was very limited, but his appearance in the introduction issue for the children of the vault mini arc poked my curiousity. Within two issues of the X-Men title he and former X-23 COMPLETELY earned their place on this new X-Men team. Just like Laura, I feel Synch has shown up for the Hellfire Gala, his big league debut, in absolute style.

With powers similar to Hope and Rogue, it was a wonder how they were going to be able to communicate his abilities while also giving him something that was unique and individual. By all acounts his multi-color robe should not work! It’s loud and a little too much. Yet the all black interior, fit of the boots, pant, and shirt tame(?) the wild elements of the jacket with finesse. Snych’s look once again brings to life something that one could see in the real world which is something I love most about it.

I don’t know if there will be more Hellfire Gala’s in the future but as far as this one is concerned, the winner of the best dressed is SYNCH!!

Now, we appreciated the positive and now it’s time to take a real mutant dump on the negative. Next up is the top ten WORST looks of the Hellfire Gala.


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