‘Bad Batch’ Episode Five; The Time Hopping Plot Thickens

I am loving looking forward to every friday for the next installment of Dave Filoni’s latest animates Star Wars series, The Bad Batch.

When announced last year I had every intention of skipping but the series had such a great premiere that I have been sucked in. The primary reason being the character of young, Omega. She is by no means my favorite character of the show. If anything, so far, she has proven to be extremely annoying committing classic child character mistakes (disobey, get into trouble, etc.).

Despite my annoyance with her she has completely captured my curiousity at the same time. Filoni is a master of the slow burn and in doing so creates characters that have become iconic within the Star Wars mythos. Ahsoka, Ezra, Grogu, and even Din Djarin. He introduces his characters in seasons that ultimately feel ‘monster of the week’ and filler but builds that character investment into moments that are icon defining.

Another key element of Filoni’s characters is agining/maturing. This is something seen and, likely to be seen, for those previously mentioned. We are meeting Omega at such a young and naive age which screams that we are going to see this person grow up and take her place as a more prominent player in the Star Wars timeline. In what way? That has yet to be revealed, but my hopes are high we will have a larger clue by the end of this season.

This week, We saw the group try and gain some information as to why Fennec Shand is hunting down Omega. No doubt it has something to do with her clone mutation. Us Mandalorian fans recognize Shand from the season two episode that saw the return of Boba Fett. Speaking of Boba…

A fun surprise for this week was learning that the Bad Batch had to rescue Moochi, a monster that is clearly a baby form of the one that will ultimately live in the pit of Jabba the Hutt’s palace. From this, we now have this double connection to this plot in the future; The palace of the Hutt where Boba Fett now sits and his right hand assistant of Fennec Shand.

Could we expect to see an older Omega in this December’s series? Who knows! Personally at this point I would find it odd to reveal her ultimate fate before even a second season has yet to premiere or even be announed for The Bad Batch. Whatever her position will be seems to be the trump card surprise for the show, and will likely be a plot to be kept strictly for the animated series. However, I can see the conclusion of The Book of Boba Fett hinting to someting related to the Bad Batchers.

There were also a couple other fun drops this week; Omega has finally acquired the bow and arrow we have seen her using in some promotional material as well as merchandise. Hey, if you’re going to be a Filoni Star Wars icon, signature weaponry is kind of a requirement.

Secondly, though very sudbtle, while alone on the ship she highlights the alterations she has made to her trooper doll in order to more closely resemble the bad batch. As time goes on will she acquire armor like theirs? What in the F**** is her ability!? I am hoping that she is not just a combination of the other four powers. Though, yes, this would make her something lethal the older she gets. She would also have these years to learn how to use those abilities with her four teachers. There is no doubt in my mind that they will be reunited with Crosshair and release him from the mind control he is currently under with the Empire.

For now, we can only build our endurance for the slow burn Filoni is giving us. Eventually, the egg will crack and we’ll learn what the Force has in store for the new legend.


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