Sinister Six Confirmed; Who Is Missing From the Trailer?

The final trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home has finally dropped! Though there was no footage of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire the truth is that the trailer didn’t need them! It succeeded at doing exactly what it needed to; making sure it’s taking our money come December 19!

Now, what the trailer did provide was the final confirmation that this is very much a sinister six film. Yes, the spider-men lacking trailer was full of classic badies from sony movies past. Yet, the trick here is that there are supposed to be SIX villains where the trailer only seemed to highlight five… hmmm

1: Electro: Jaime Fox is reprising his role from Amazing Spider-Man 2 as the villain Electro. Unlike his rendition in that film, Sony is going for a slightly more comic’s accurate version. The trailer shows his electricity powers creating the silhouette of his iconic comic’s mask and he has never looked better.

2: Sandman: I didn’t see this one coming! Sandman, who was featured in 2007’s Spider-Man 3 , is joing the villain ensemble. Overall, this should come as no surprise considering Sandman is indeed an original member of the rogues squad.

3: Lizard: Not an OG member but if villains of previous Spider-Man movies are getting their chance to return then why not this guy! Lizard, or Doctor Curt Connors, was the leading villain for Amazing Spider-Man back in 2012.

4: Doctor Octopus: The first villain we got to meet with the initial teaser trailer that released some time ago. Reprising his role is Alfred Molina from Spider-Man 2 back in 2004. It seems Doc Ock is playing somewhat of an ambiguous role based on what the trailer has shown regarding his allegiance. Doctor Octopus though is very much a member of the original Sinister Six.

5: Green Goblin: Out of the five shown in the trailer this one has to be the most hype in my opinion. Though his face isn’t show I believe it is safe to bet that this is indeed Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin. Holy S***! It’s the villain that started it all for Spider-Man on the big screen.

Now, though Tobey and Andrew weren’t shown in the trailer there is zero doubt in my mind that the pair will be in this movie. You just don’t have all of their villains from their solo projects show up without them. It’s a good idea on the studio’s part to not show the footage and let every crumb of it be something to enjoy when people go see it in theaters next month.

That being said, we have three of Tobey’s villains and two of Garfield’s villains but someone is missing… The sixth member of the SIX! Who could it be?

Venom: It is a possibility that Venom is the final member. However, I am willing to bet that such a spectacle such as Spider-Man vs. Venom will be saved for a future project. The movie has enough hype in it without forcing in the symbiote.

Vulture: Vulture is one of the original members of the Sinister Six so his involvment would make a ton of sense! However, if he WERE involved I don’t see why he would be the member omitted from the trailer… He isn’t exactly the most hype of the ensemble. For this reason I just have to gamble and say my bet is it won’t be him.

Mysterio: Yes, indeed another original member of the six and also the man responsible for all of this going down in the first place! I think it’s very possible that Mysterio will find his way into the flick. Avoiding his inclusion in the trailer makes sense if he is the final member because it would ultimately spoil he survied the events of the previous movie. Personally, this is who I am hoping is the last member in the group. I think there is enough going on in this movie along with the inclusion of the two other spider-men AND whatever other possible surprises we might get to see. A big sixth member reveal just isn’t needed.

I mean, Daredevil is going to appear in this… I think we’re set!


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