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‘X of Swords’ Chapters 9 and 10

It’s Wednesday so we have new X of Swords chapters! Unlike previous weeks we are only getting two installments this time around; Excalibur and X-Men issues #13 respetively. Excalibur: Ok, so no secret this is not my favorite book in the lineup; something about mutants and magic that have never mixed with me. I’m aware […]

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Ep 13 – Birds of Apocalypse

On this weeks couch lounging session we are watching X-Men Apocalypse, although Gab was very opposed. We discuss the mistakes of all the x-men movies, the mistakes of the DCEU and give our Couch Potato review for the Spike Lee movie ‘BlacKkKlansman’. We also discuss more Batman rumors and the latest in the WWE.

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