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‘X-Men’ #20 Review

We are one week away from the highly anticipated Hellfire Gala. Leading up to the first three issues of the arc we were given X-Men #20 which has been one of my favorite X-Men issues in a minute. Taking us back to key plots, long since left dangling, we have Mystique preparing to return to […]

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‘Way of X’ #1 Review

Way of X, written by Si Spurrier, is the latest book to join the ongoing list of X-titles. The new comic focuses on Nightcrawler and his (possible?) road towards creating the first mutant religion. I have been looking forward to this book because it’s one of those titles that ties directly to the “thesis” of […]

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‘WandaVision’ and the Laws of Magic

We are just one week away from the FINALE of the WandaVision limited series over on Disney+. Yes, as of right now, the show focusing on Wanda Maximoff and Vision is said to be a ‘one and done.’ Thought it is worth noting that when it comes to Kevin Feige we should never say never, […]

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17 Waverly Podcast – Comic Couch – Ep 7

We are back for another episode of Comic Couch! Though we had a different idea for this week’s episode, a certain Disney Investor Day went down and we just have to talk about it. Join us for a special one hour episode as we break down announcements from Marvel and Lucas Film; The multiverse trilogy, new […]

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