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Episode 61 – It’s MAX Day

Welcome back everyone to season 7 of the 17 Waverly Podcast! We’ve got an action packed episode in store this week as we introduce a new Podcast theme song and then discuss, in length, the first day of the HBO MAX streaming service including all of its new original content! We finish up with updates […]

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Originals Coming to HBOMax

HBOMax is set to launch on May 27th! Along with a long list of Warner/HBO content from previous decades being added to the service there will of course be some original content at launch and more set to release in the coming months. Disney+ has served as a great example that despite how rich and […]

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17 Waverly Podcast, Podcast, Season 4

Episode 37 – Righteous Hustlers

The squad is back on the couch and we’ve got another action packed episode for you. We all went and saw the movie ‘Hustlers’ so we review that @ 0:06:20 and then we go immediately into a review episode 1 of HBO’s ‘Righteous Gemstones’ @ 0:26:10. After our reviews, we get into discussing a SPOILER […]

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17 Waverly Podcast, Season 4

Episode 34 – Overlander

Welcome folks, the couch gang is back and we are ready to talk tv and movies. Right off the bat we finish our discussion/review of the show ‘The Boys’ on Amazon @ 0:03:00 which then gets into a conversation about what superpower we wish we had. We then give our final thoughts on HBO’s Euphoria […]

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