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‘X-Men’ #20 Review

We are one week away from the highly anticipated Hellfire Gala. Leading up to the first three issues of the arc we were given X-Men #20 which has been one of my favorite X-Men issues in a minute. Taking us back to key plots, long since left dangling, we have Mystique preparing to return to […]

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‘Way of X’ #1 Review

Way of X, written by Si Spurrier, is the latest book to join the ongoing list of X-titles. The new comic focuses on Nightcrawler and his (possible?) road towards creating the first mutant religion. I have been looking forward to this book because it’s one of those titles that ties directly to the “thesis” of […]

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‘X of Swords’ Chapters 3-5

Hello fellow nerds! It’s another week which means another round of X of Swords chapters! Lucky for us we have three installments this time around; Wolverine #6, X-Force #13, and Marauders #13. As predicted, it seems like the first half of chapters (1-11) will focus on laying the groundwork for this ‘mutant mortal kombat;’ The […]

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Can a POC Magneto Work?

Twitter was a flutter (a flutter?) yesterday with the rumor that Marvel Studios is considering to cast people of color as  Xavier and Magneto in the upcoming X-Men reboot. Thoughts? WEEEEEEEELLLL…….. MLK and Malcolm X: First and foremost we need to acknowledge where the inspiration for the characters came from. The two icons, and the IP […]

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