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Episode 44 – Couch Angels

Welcome back friends, come join us on the couch as we are watching our favorite version of ‘Charlie’s Angels’, the 2000’s version. While we watch, we discuss the new Elizabeth Banks version of Charlie’s Angels and her comments about it’s poor box office results (@ 0:12:30). We then get into a long discussion about the […]

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Episode 38 – Poor Jared

The episode we’ve been waiting months for is finally here! Welcome back to the couch folks where we’re chillin, watching some TV as per usual. In today’s episode we start by discussing the recently launched All Elite Wrestling weekly show @ 0:03:30 and what it means for the WWE. We then spend what feels like […]

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Does Todd Phillips’ ‘JOKER’ Owe Audiences a Sequel?

Though Todd Phillips has gone on record to say that his JOKER is a complete stand-alone/one-and-done film, fans might find it difficult to accept considering the insane success the movie has had at the weekend box office. The film has officially broken October box office records (dethroning last years Venom) with $93.5 million domestically and $234 million […]

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Our Thoughts

Why Todd Phillips’ ‘Joker’ Just Might Work

I have been the loudest voice against this movie. I have said time and time again that Warner/DC should be focusing it’s efforts on building up their heroes along with villains, set in a modern setting where crossovers can happen, and that creating a Joker movie without Batman would be against the very identity of […]

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