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‘Army of the Dead’ Review

It has been a week since the Netflix release of Army of the Dead! A big congratulations to the movie on becoming the number one most viewed film globally for Netlfix last week! That being said, I might not need to say this but for the sake of formality, this is a SPOILER review. I […]

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‘Mortal Kombat’ Review

FATALITY! Sorry, couldn’t help it. I am truly loving Warner’s 2021 plan for simultaneous theatrical and HBOMax release! This weekend I, like many others, had the pleasure of watching the new Mortal Kombat. Was it a flawless victory or a brutality? I really need to stop, sorry again. Here we go! The good and the […]

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‘Swamp Thing’ Cancelled: Uuuuhhh

SO, it has just been reported that DC Universe’s latest installment, Swamp Thing,  has been cancelled after just one episode… talk about a horror situation. Some might recall that weeks ago the episode count for the season was reduced from thirteen to ten with little to no explanation as to why. For damage control, the […]

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