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Will the MCU Embrace Wiccan in All His Glory?

We are just one episode away from the series(?) finale of WandaVision. There are still many unanswered question, but one thing that is certain is that Billy and Tommy are here to stay. As Kate Bishop, America Chavez, Stature, and other Young Avengers are set to make their debut, it is highly unlikely that the […]

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Are The ‘Young Avengers’ Coming?

With the mountain of announcements from Hall H yesterday comes the news that Kate Bishop will be making her MCU debut in the upcoming Hawkeye series for Disney+. Hmm… With her introduction that brings us to two members of the Young Avengers making their live-action appearance (Cassie Lang all grown-up in Avengers: Endgame).  Will the […]

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LGBT Superheroes

  Oh let’s keep the pride going! Today, instead of a movie review, let’s talk about some of the best, and the “are you kidding me?”, of LGBT representation in the superhero genre. Now, for those who love themselves a good comic book movie, you will notice the number of gay representation is virtually zero! […]

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