‘New Mutants’ Trailer REACTION

After two years we FINALLY have a new trailer for The New Mutants! Better than the first? Sure! Enough to get people to theaters? Let’s break it down!

4528366Catches the Spirit: Right off the bat I have to say that the trailer seems to catch the spirit of what makes the New Mutants special; at least what made them special back in the day starting with issue #18, the Demon Bear Saga, and the introduction of Bill Sienkiewicz’s art. There’s a creepiness to it, a grit, and the choice to use Pink Floyd in the trailer is a cherry on top of the cake.

The New Mutants comic was able to connect horror elements into the superhero genre and it worked! I can’t tell from this trailer if the film will have the same success in this medium…

I’m personally not a horror fan. I don’t mind some suspense and eerie aesthetics, but if that is the limit of it I would personally be fine with it.



Sunspot Issue: This will likely get some eye-rolls, but in a time where Hollywood is trying to be more inclusive, andsunspot-marvel-comics-new-mutants-roberto-da-costa-a representation seems to be the name of the game, I am slightly disappointed to find that Sunspot is not accurately a POC in the film. NO offense to Henry Zaga, who will be taking on the role of Roberto da Costa, who is at least a Brazilian actor.

However, Brazil is a country that houses a population where more than 50% identify as black or mixed race. Brazil is also a country with the third largest mass incarceration rate in the world where a large sum of those prisoners are black or of mixed race. No, art doesn’t ALWAYS have to be political. However, Roberto da Costa by canon IS a young man of color. I think it was a missed opportunity to not allow the character to be represented by a young Brazilian man of color as well; Allow a young black Brazilian man to stand in a heroic role on the big screen. 

What bits of Henry Zaga’s performance we did see showcased that Sunspot swag, and I’m rooting for the character. Also, the visual we got of him powered up seemed comics accurate as well which is a HUGE plus.


MAGIK is MAGIC: Speaking of comics accurate, WOW Ilyana Rasputin is the money shot in this trailer. Fox knows it and Disney knows it. Russian accent? Check. Badass? Check. Portals? Check. SOUL SWORD? Fucking check. ARMOR?! YAAAS.

Ilyana is a character whose background only further promotes the horror element (she was kidnapped by a demon for crying out loud). If nothing else, I think her arc in the movie will be able to, at the very least, ensure people have some fun with this thing.


justice-league-zack-snyder-cutMartyr Theory: Grace Randolph made a comment on her YouTube channel about the decision from Disney/Marvel to allow this film to hit theaters. We know that Disney has TWO streaming services where this film could have been sent (Disney+ and Hulu), yet ultimately the decision was made to allow this thing to hit the big screen. How come?

I originally believed it could be because Disney BELIEVES in the film! Thanks to Grace though this might not be entirely the case…

With the phenomenon of THE SNYDER CUT the idea of studios snuffing projects seems to be something that can ultimately backfire. Safe to say Feige wouldn’t want this, especially when there are plans in motion to introduce mutants into the MCU.

Instead, Disney has decided to let the film release and make NO changes to Boone’s original cut. In other words- if it sucks-let it suck. That way the audience can see it, be disappointed, and it can be forgotten about which only adds more support for Disney’s vision.

On the other hand, the film succeeds and Disney can ultimately invest in the IP and the cast much like they have decided to do with Deadpool. Either way, it’s a win-win.

The only way they lose is by suppressing it, being “shady” and shoving it off to streaming, and allow a space for fans to blindly support something that might not be great.

I think the film could gain support whether good or bad! However, letting it hit theaters makes sure there’s no mystery and that can be that.


Does it Appeal to the Casual Fan?: NOT SURE. As of the time writing this article the film has not hit top ten on US trending but IS specifically trending in entertainment. It’s no secret that most people don’t know what the New Mutants are!

I don’t think the trailer has done much to sell the casual fan. Comic fans might be more moved thanks to that Magik clip at the end though.

The success of this film will likely come to down to word of mouth and Rotten Tomatoes scores much like the horror champions that have come before it in recent years.

Again, I’m content with the trailer! It looks like a great time! I hope the New Mutants can win over audiences April 3!


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