‘Birds of Prey’ FINAL Trailer; Alright, I Think I Get It

It is just a good week for comic movie trailers! We have our final preview of next month’s Birds of Prey. Yes, the one without Oracle (I’m still not over it)! Has the trailer changed my feelings? Let’s get into it!

More of the Birds: Right off the bat I would like to express my gratitude that the trailer made the effort to showcase the ensemble better than the original trailer did. I understand that no matter what this is GOING to be the Harley Quinn show. However, it isn’t much to ask that the film at least do right by its supporting characters and make sure they get their fare share of screen time. 

This trailer showed that Black Canary (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) will have her powers! Will there be the iconic leather jacket and fishnets? Apparently not, but what can we say? Pick your battles.

It looks like Huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) will get some decent action scenes; as well as many of the other members to the ensemble. Overall, though these characters seem to look nothing like their comic interpretations, they are at least getting some bada-ass depictions for live-action.

I’m personally a big believer in, “if it aint broke don’t fix it,” but you also have to applaud and respect creative and risky choices; especially within a genre that can arguably be said is over-saturated. 

Could this eventually lead to something more accurate once the characters clean up their acts? Maybe! Yet a big mistake of many comic films is creating a project with the soul purpose of preparing us for the one to follow. Nah.

Hopefully this film can be great ON ITS OWN and ensure that the DCEU continues its new winning streak at the box office and with critics.

Black Mask: Our big bad played by Ewan McGregor! Um, sure. He’s finally wearing the actual black mask. That’s fantastic! Perhaps Arkham Origins spoiled me, but I might prefer and miss that heavy accented intimidating gangster. I know, it turned out that was never even really him- Joker all along.

Either way, I’m indifferent to it. This version looks sassy which fits in nicely with the overall aesthetic. I remember hearing rumors that this version of Black Mask might actually be bisexual?

I’ll believe it when I see it. The studio is already taking risks with this and relying heavily on Margot Robbie’s star power (as well as the Harley Quinn fetish sparked from Suicide Squad) so I’m not exactly with my hopes up that they’ll give us an unapologetic depiction of that. 

That being said, it is a glass ceiling as they say. Every attempt is hopefully another crack in that glass.

Looks Fun: I enjoyed this trailer way more than the first. I even smiled a bit. It looks like a damn good time. I can’t sit here and put all my chips in for New Mutants and NOT give this some benefit of the doubt as well.

Harley accidentally snorting some coke while getting shot at and then proceeds to bust some ass? Hysterical.

At the end of the day both men and women can relate to this universal fact; breaking up f****** sucks and it makes us all a little crazy. It fits! It’s also a great foundation to launch what appears to be a decent action comedy. 

I’m rooting for it. It’s the first female ensemble superhero movie. It’s another superhero movie directed by a woman (where virtually almost all those due in 2020 will be. Hooray)!

I am going to do my best to put aside my comic book information and embrace the project for the director’s vision.

With less than a month away, Birds of Prey drops February 7.




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