‘Green Lantern’ Series Roster Complete; Where Is Everyone?!

Moments ago we received word on who would be joing the Green Lantern series set to launch on HBOMax.

Let’s take a look at what we got!

Alan Scott: The DC Universe original series Stargirl introduced the Justice Society of America but has focused on a new generation of the team rather than the OG’s. With this being the case, I had my hunch that Alan Scott could be set to appear on the new series and this seems to be correct!

For those that don’t know- Alan Scott was the original Green Lantern from the golden age of comics. Not only was his uniform completely different but the idea of the Green Lantern was something of its own as well; no gaurdians, no space travel, no intergalatic policing… It was just one man with a ring constructed from a meteor and the range of his abilities were unique; rather than green light it was more of like a green fire? Also, not as many constructs!

Not only will he be a lead on the show, but they have decided to go with his Earth-2 interpretation and will have Scott be openly gay.

I’m personally very pleased they’ve chosen to do this because as much as I loved the Earth-2 book, from the New 52, it’s promotion of a gay hero was a bit wonky; Alan loses his fiance in the first issue and eventually becomes godlike abscent of any emotional/sexual interest… Alright? To have him front and center on this show I feel is a great redo of that attempt.

Now, will his lantern abilities be like the context of the 40’s or will he be updated to be a part of the modern Lantern Corps? Time will tell.

Simon Baz/Jessica Cruz: Love me some diversity! The two newest lanterns to be added to the comics canon will also be series regulars for the show. I confess, I have not read a single issue of Justice League during Rebirth and know very little of these two.

Regardless, glad to see them on the team and excited to see them in action. I am aware of Jessica Cruz’s dark origin story as it was briefly depicted in the animated film, Justice League vs. The Fatal Five; That’s going to make for some really great, yet disturbing, television.

Guy Gardner: Of course he’s here. You can’t have all these serious characters without the king of the bros, the prince of guy humor, the most vulgar lantern of them all- Guy Gardner. I have no comment! Ready to love and hate him all at once.

Sinestro/Kilowog: So the series certainly has a budget! It kind of has to if its claiming to be a Green Lantern show, right? Where exaxtly in the Lantern timeline will this show be taking place? Could this be a pre yellow lantern Sinsestro?

I’m fine with their involvment as they are key players in the Green Lantern world but I have to ask; where the F*** is everyone else?!

John Stewart/Kyle Rayner/ Hal Jordan: No Hal Jordan I can almost understand. The guy got his own movie (that didn’t do that well) and he’s also rumored to be getting a cameo in next year’s Justice League. I’m still hoping its a giant red herring and we’re really going to get John Stewart on that team but I digress.

Kyle’s absence is a little bit more self explanatory; we know, if comics accuracy is a priority for them, that Kyle didn’t make his way to become a Lantern until Hal killed everyone (Oh yes. Emerald Twilight. Give it a read). Then again, Alan Scott is supposed to be in this thing so they could very well be picking and choosing what rules to follow.

Yes, Hal seems to be due to recieve alot of attention soon and Kyle contextually fits down the road…. But no John? No John in the show nor in the movies? I find this almost disrespectful!

Many of us who grow up with the Justice League animated series know him as our Green Lantern! I’m going to keep hoping that there is more casting news to come and/or that Snyder doesn’t let us down.


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