Snyder Cut Updates; Jared Leto Returns and the Future of the Snyderverse

We have yet to receive an offical release date for Zach Snyder’s ultimate version of Justice League for HBOMax in 2021. Yet, as the announcements continue to hit the internet, my suspicions are leaning towards a Q2 release at the earliest.

Back in May it seemed this thing would be a three-hour movie at best with some additional investment to complete post-production work; man is that NOT how this thing is shaping up!

So what is confirmed, what’s pending, what’s rumored, and what’s not happening(for now)? Let’s talk about it!

Jared Leto Returning: It was announced today that Jared Leto would indeed be reprising his role for the Snyder Cut! To what capacity would he be involved in the four-part miniseries is not confirmed, however, I think it’s safe to assume it won’t be for anything larger than a cameo appearance/one-and-done action sequence.

Leto joining the project, just as reshoots have started up, nearly confirms what we’re really looking at here with this project; this isn’t a “pick up where they left off and release the film” but rather a redo of the original attempt to ensure that they get it 100% right.

Leto was never part of the original plan for Justice League! At least not that we know of! Since the original Suicide Squad film we have had a solo Joker movie that has not only killed it at the box office but has taken home a couple Oscars, including one for the lead in the titular role, Joaquin Phoenix.

If the train has already left the station, and on a very nice train to mention, then why bring back Leto? It would seem that Snyder, and perhaps the studio as well, are trying to ensure that they don’t just have a good miniseries on their hands, but something viable to continue on the HBOMax streaming service.

Leto’s cameo in the movie, if it is received well, can also be considered a second shot audition with audiences to determine once and for all if we are going to see the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad.

Ayer Cut: Yes, The Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad is still very much on the able. It’s nuts! I know! Affleck still not out of the question for Batman even with Pattinson on board, Phoenix’s Joker sequel already greelit yet Leto is coming back, and a new Suicide Squad gearing up for a release next year with its predecessor potentially being brought back to life; I’m seeing so many doubles!

How can all these duplicates exist in tandem? Easy- streaming vs. theaters. All of this dark magic revival will only bring these things over to the HBOMax streaming service that is desperate for new subscriptions, new content, and attention.

Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern: My heart continues to bleed, guys. I really wanted it to be John Stewart, I STILL want it to be Stewart! Yet, more and more sources seem to be echoing the rumors that Ryan Reynolds, a vocal advocate for the Snyder Cut, will indeed be reprising the role for the film.

We know that Jordan and Stewart respectively will not be featured in the upcoming ensemble Green Lantern series for streaming which is the only grain of sand for hope I’m holding onto that BOTH may be teased in the Snyder Cut (but I’m not holding my breath).

It may also be worth remembering that the original vision from Snyder was for five films (Man of Steel, BvS, Justice League 1-3). Hal Jordan may be the token lantern for this version but there is no reason Stewart can’t show up in a sequel if its greenlit (no pun intended).

Batfleck: Pattinson’s Batman is THE Batman moving forward for theaters. That’s pretty much a done deal unless the upcoming movie bombs (not likely; the thing looks fire). Ben Affleck will show up in Justice League and will cameo in the Flash movie currently in production but then that is the end for him!


If the Snyder Cut succeeds, builds momentum for the OG DCEU, and can draw in more of that Batfleck love there is very much a willingness to have Batfleck return for an HBOMax original miniseries.

With Leto getting further investment and Joe Magliano’s Deathstroke’s original post-credit scene possibly being revived, there’s a real shot these two could show up in Affleck’s miniseries. It would make sense as neither are slated for Pattinson’s universe (so far) and could make great villains for the show.

Cavill and JJ Abrams: Henry Cavill has not been confirmed to continue as Superman. As of right now it would appear he only is slated for cameos in Shazam 2 and Black Adam. Just like everything mentioned so far, his continuing on as Superman will depend on how JL performs and if JJ Abrams wants to keep going with the actor or move on to someone new as he is slated to take on the character.

Either way he, like everything so far, may have multiple options. If he isn’t revived for film he too could do something for streaming or, at the very least, participate in finishing the two “seasons” that would remain of Snyder’s JL vision on HBOMax. Cavill is no stranger to streaming now with a couple Netflix projects under his belt.

Either way, comic fans can rejoice because there is a ton headed our way in theaters and streaming alike.

Total Investment: I think it’s worth remembering that when the Snyder Cut was announced it was said that an additional investment of $30 million would be given in order to complete post-production. Yeah, nah.

This thing is getting a total of $70 million (more than the $55 million total budget for Joker) and with all these confirmed cameos… This is going to be bigger than the original vision.

I can’t wait! I’m happy to see a complete and cohesive story from the original creator without the tampering of the studio. I really hope audiences enjoy it and I guess only time will tell?


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