‘Detective Pikachu’ New Trailer and What it Means For the Future of Pokemon

Alright, if you say you never played or watched Pokemon back in the 90’s you are just straight up full of bologna!

We were all fans. We all loved it. We all wanted to force those cute little monsters to burn, electrocute, whip, and beat the living hell out of each other so we could force them into a ball where they would live indefinitely until we needed them to commit the same violent acts against others. Too dark? Moving on…

Detective Pikachu today dropped another short trailer with the sounds of “What A Wonderful World” (so fitting) while it showcased the wonders of the first live-action Pokemon film.

Though I was doubtful of this movie, and still have some hesitations, there is no denying that there is promise. Alas, where there is promise there is a franchise.

Should the Detective Succeed: The thing that I find most creative about this film is the trojan horse it can prove to be. It is setting up this specific story with a talking pikachu, there is a mystery to solve, and that’s the point! All the pokemon and the world around them are more sprinkles and details to the story rather than the focus.

For those of us who grew up curious about a live-action pokemon film, there was always the doubt as to how it could work. How could it introduce characters, plot, and the world without feeling overstuffed and doing too much?

Well, Detective Pikachu  is discretely handling the task. Though there is a central story it is creating a foundation for the future of the franchise. From here, should they wish, they could pursue films based on the famous games. Those films would not need to do so much regarding introduction since this film will have already handled it.

OR, the movie will be a flop and we can just have a good time with whatever it is!

Detective Pikachu drops May 10, 2019.



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