What Have They Done to ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’

Today was the release of the new trailer for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film. Thoughts?

The curse of the video game movie LIVES. ON.

What in the heavenly name of the Chaos Emeralds did I just see?! Are those teeth in his mouth? No. Not I said the cat.

Egghead: Jim Carey has been brought on to play Egghead and I can truthfully see that it’s a good choice! There is a wacky element to that character that I’m confident Jim Carey would be able to not just bring but make it entertaining and believable in live-action.

That being said, this felt like a pretty tamed Jim Carey? The end of the trailer gave us a tease in his full bald glory. Will he be more animated towards the end? I’m not sure. Too early to tell but it doesn’t look promising.

I just Cant: I just feel there had to have been more ideas in those initial meetings over what to make this thing. The story from the original Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast? Epic. Shadow the Hedgehog intro in the sequel?  I can’t deal. Even the meh reception for the ps3 game that brought Silver from the future was somewhat decent!

Sonic stories, at least from the most recent video games, have had some kind of weight to them. I know, they wanted to do live-action and that’s tough to translate. For me, this shouldn’t have been live-action at all! I would have liked to see a computer animated film set in real world.

I think that would allow for the full range of the story-telling that the games have been known for while also creating the visual satisfaction that they clearly wanted to achieve.

Though let me be clear, nothing about this looks satisfying.

Where’s Tails? Knuckles? I just… I digress.

Sonic the Hedgehog releases November 7, 2019.


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