‘It’ Chapter 2 Teaser Trailer


So we just got our first look at  It: Chapter 2. I think it was an interesting choice to show that scene with Jessica Chastain for the majority of it. Of course, I’m sure they don’t want to give too much away just yet, but let’s talk about what we did get!

The scene with Beverly comes about halfway in the book when the losers club has finally reunited in Derry, Maine to fulfill their promise to stop It once and for all.

It is certainly  creepy scene in the book but this trailer already adds layers to it that make it so much more stunning.

Th old lady down the hall and the blacked out shot with the thumping of the floor- perfect.

This film in particular is exciting because it gets to not only bring us back to the horror of the clown but it will play with nostalgia through the lense of the six, and, should it do the book justice, show us the horrors that pertain to the universal experience of growing up.

I think we’re in good hands! I’m nervous about the balancing act that the film has to do. It has to give us the end of the story while finding a way to tie in the past as well as crap 700 or so pages of content into a single movie.

I know, I know, you can’t compare the two mediums but as a reader of the book- I’m going to be looking for my favorite pieces.

It: Chapter 2 releases September 5, 2019.


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