MCU Phase 4: Ranking the List

We have ten projects announced for the two-year Marvel Phase four! With Saturday’s schedule announcement I thought it would be fun to break down the list and rank them from most excited to least.

1.Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness-The MCU is taking a page from Fox’s failed playbook; they’re going horror. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of the first Doctor Strange. It felt to me like they played it safe with the mysticism and went more Inception than anything else.  With this announced sequel I have HOPE that we’re going to get more of the meat of what makes this character and his world so special.

ALSO, Scarlet Witch will be co-staring in this film. I’m a huge Scarlet Witch fan. The more we get the happier I am. With Elizabeth Olsen slated to star in two MCU projects for phase four I am expecting that we will dive deeper into the true nature of her powers and what she’s capable of.

2. WandaVision-As just mentioned, I’m a Wanda fan. I was curious about this from the moment it was announced. I think there will be a lot within the limited series that will set her up perfectly for the Doctor Strange sequel. Dare we say maybe even some Wiccan? Wanda has lost her parents, she has lost her brother, and she has lost her love. I think at this point in her arc she might be wandering. The desire to not just bring back Vision but perhaps even establish a family with him and reclaim what was taken from her would be an interesting thing to see. I think the elements are certainly there to bring in her twins. The announcement of her position on Disney+ while also maintaining a lead role for a film confirms that Disney+ recruitment is NOT a death sentence nor a demotion. More on this in a separate article.

3. Thor: Love and Thunder- Jane. Foster. Lady. Thor. I’m sold. The end. Marvel Studios can just take my money now. Ragnarok is not my favorite MCU movie nor is it even in my top ten. However, I can objectively acknowledge what made that special and I’m happy that the studio was able to find a formula that worked for Thor.  Funny enough-he is the thing that has me least intrigued for the movie!

Aside from Natalie Portman returning to play Jane, we have confirmed that Valkyrie is unapologetically gay and looking for her Asgardian queen. Perfect. Do I have a concern? Yes.

Ragnarok leaned in a bit to the “guy humor” and though I trust the director I worry about creating a gay character that only serves hetero-male intrigue/ humor. Can’t say anything to it right now, but I have my anxieties.

4. Falcon and the Winter Soldier- Sam is taking his place as Captain America. Who wouldn’t be excited to see this? Plus, we’re getting six hours of it on Disney+. This is fantastic. I am hoping that there are teases to Eli’s Patriot. I really suspect that these Disney+ shows have a side-mission to introduce the Young Avengers roster so fingers crossed.

I think some of the best MCU action sequences came out of movies like Winter Soldier and Civil War. If that’s the direction they’re going for here- let’s F***** go.

5. Black Widow- It’s a tough one! I’m not a big fan of the character. No fault of her own. I think the studio has given her the s*** end of the stick on multiple occasions. That being said, I’m still excited to see her get her chance to stand center stage! However, it’s also a weird sensation considering she’s dead!

It all feels very Dark Phoenix to some extent; if we know the end, how and why do we invest? Still, as it will be the project to kick-off phase 4 I’m hoping for some clues as to the direction the MCU will be going.

6. Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings- This is where my list starts to get a bit more casual. Shang-Chi registers similar to the Eternals and GOTG; I had no idea who they were until their films were announced. I’m pumped for the cast, I’m a HUGE Awkwafina fan, and the lead is a thirst trap that I have gladly and willingly walked into.

Of course I’m going to go see and of course it’s going to be a good time. Right now I just know my intrigue needs the power of the first trailer to really get started.

7. The Eternals- Eh. The cast looks fantastic, I’ll give them that. I know in the mythos the Eternals play a role in the genetic enhancements that allow for mutation to arise in humans in modern day. My excitement here rests entirely on getting to see those elements hinted to in the film.

8. What If….- It’s something to do on the weekend? It’ll be the first MCU animated project which is great. I’m pumped to know so much of the live-action cast is returning to reprise their roles. Other than that–I’ll wait and see what else gets teased on the project to see if it boosts my interest.

9. Loki- I don’t care. I’ll watch just because I’m hoping it results in Kid Loki. I’m putting all my money on Young Avengers so I’m hoping for confirmations!

10. Hawkeye- Nope. I really don’t know if I will see this. We’ll see how I’m feeling.


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