‘The Batman’ Trailer; TAS Feels and Joker Crossover?

DC Fandome was full of so much content! I will do my best to address everything that was revealed, but I thought the best place to start would be with the teaser for Matt Reeves’  The Batman.

1992 Animated Series Vibes: From set photos we knew that the film was being shot on location in Liverpool; a city with beautiful gothic architecture. Tonight Reeves revealed that the Gotham he is creating will have the beauty and unique feel of Liverpool while alos utilizing CG to expand on the Gotham he is creating.

Seeing Gordon walk into that crime scene, hearing ‘Something in the Way’ by Nirvana, a 1991 track, and taking in the aesthetic of the trailer made me feel that the film is touching on the elements that made the animated series so visually special. I’m very much on board!

Joker Crossover?: After watching The Joker I suspected that there could be room for that version of the character, portrayed in the late 70’s, to crossover with Matt Reeves’ version of Batman. Though there have been comments to deny this possibility, there were also denials that the The Joker could get a sequel and that seems to be happening, so, we’ll see!

The trailer show’s Pattinson beating down a thug in the rain who, along with his company, have face paint that slightly resembles clown makeup… Could it be possible that both films take place in the same world and gangs have emerged in honor of the clown prince? I really hope so.

His Catwoman is Chef’s Kiss: Selina comes into shot descending from the night elegantly like a ballerina. She get’s to work and is interupted by the Bat as she defends herself swiftly like, well, a cat.

This MAY be the most accurate depiction of Selina Kyle on screen we have ever seen. Reeves did confirm in the Q&A that this is not only an origin for Batman but an origin for the rogues as well. Therefore, it’s possible that we won’t yet see a fully suited Catwoman in this film. That being said, as it is a piece of a trilogy, I think we will eventually get a very comics accurate version.

Regardless, it’s only about 25% of the film shot, but it is truly looking like a promising piece of work from Matt Reeves. I am VERY excited to see more and I hope they can get back to production soon.






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