‘Ahsoka’ Series Confirmed; The Hunt for Ezra?

As we continue to try and address as much content from Disney Investor Day we move on to the (no-brainer) announcement for the live-action Ahsoka series heading to Disney+. With such positive fan reaction to Rosario Dawson’s recent portrayal on The Mandalorian it should come as no surprise that she shall indeed be reprising the role for the upcoming project.

Yaaas! More white light sabers!

Now, before this great, yet unsurprising, news Dave Filoni (creator of the beloved character) provided some curious words after the release of her special episode.

He stated:

It’s an interesting one, that’s not necessarily chronological,” Filoni said. “I think the thing that people will most not understand is they want to go in a linear fashion, but as I learned as a kid, nothing in Star Wars really works in a linear fashion. You do [Episodes] Four, Five, and Six and then One, Two, and Three. So in the vein of that history, when you look at the epilogue of Rebels, you don’t really know how much time has passed. So, it’s possible that the story I’m telling in The Mandalorian actually takes place prior to that. Possible. I’m saying it’s possible.

In other words- that s**** took place before the epilogue.

What is this Rebels epilogue some non-animated watchers may ask? Well after the events of Star Wars: Rebels we got to see a brief epiloque showing what became of the characters after the events of the successful rebellion (episodes four, five, and six).

One of the characters, Sabine Wren, was hanging around Lothal as an older white-cloaked Ahsoka comes to her in order for them to continue their search for their lost Jedi friend, Ezra Bridger.

Now, the dissapearance of this character happened simultaneously with the dissapearing of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Name sound familiar? It’s who Ahsoka was asking for after defeating the Magistrate.

I believe this episode shows that Ahsoka has been searching for Ezra on her own and after she gathers enough information she then goes to Sabine to take her on her search.

I am more convinced now that Ahsoka will serve as a live-action sequel to Rebels kicking off with Sabine and Ahsoka looking for their lost friend. Along the way I believe we will see familiar faces in live-action such as Hera, Zeb, Commander Rex, Chopper, the Ghost, and ten-year-old Jacen Syndulla (who I hope is force sensitive).

There is no doubt that the Star Wars universe is not just expanding but growing evermore interconnected. What a time to be alive.


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