What Can We Expect From ‘Wonder Woman 3’?

Yes, WW84 is barely a day old and we’re shifting attention to the sequel; it is what it is!

Funny enough we’re not the only ones quickly looking ahead. Warner has already green lit the third installment to the series with Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins on board. This comes as surprising news considering the busy schedule Jenkins will have in the next couple of years (Rogue Squadron and Cleopatra).

Though the movie is confirmed we do not have a planned release date yet. So, with everything going ful lspeed ahead, what do we want from a third film?

Circe: This is GOING to be the villain. I am willing to put money on this right now. We have seen Ares, Doctor Poison, Maxwell Lord and Cheetah… The last big name baddie for Wonder Woman is Circe and I’m hoping we get her.

Though as this is going to be the third installment I have no doubt it will be the biggest. So…

Cheetah: Circe is magic. Barbara never renounced her initial wish that granted her the powers of Diana including her immortality. Even if the movie fast forwards to the present, Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah can very realistically appear.

If another director takes the helm then this will allow them creative freedom to reimagine Cheetah, who could very likely have her cat-like form revived by Circe’s power.

Rematch please!

Giganta or Silver Swan: I’m really for a three-on-three movie. We know some of Marvel’s most successful “solo” films have had the presence of multiple villains along with other heroes; just look at the upcoming Spiderman 3!

One of these two showing up in the third film could be a great addition to close off the villain trinity. As for the good guys…

Hawkwoman and Vixen: Hear me out! The solo movies are a great place to introduce other DC characters. I think it would be a wasted opportunity to not take advantage of a third Wonder Woman movie to do this.

My thoughts go to Hakwoman, a prominent DC character, who was strangely omitted from being included alongside Hawkman in the upcoming Black Adam. Dwayne Johnson even commented on this saying that the studio had “other plans” for the character.

It’s doubtful that the project would be an unannounced Wonder Woman project, but even if her introduction occurs elsewhere, this would be a fantastic spot for her to make another appearance. Like I said, a three-on-three would be pretty cool and if she could take the skies with Silver Swan? Take my money.

Now, Vixen is a personal favorite character and one that I feel doesn’t get enough attention. She literally has the powers of every animal in the animal kingdom while maintaining her human physiology! This is a crazy advantage and would make for excellent visuals!

This is a completely original character of color that deserves a chance in film. One might argue no one knows who she is but I really don’t think that matters. Build a great story and they will come.

Modern Day: As much as I appreciated this movie highlighting a classic Wonder Woman I am hopeful that the next film can see a return of the Sword and Shield as well as a return to the modern day.

WW1984 like its predecessor had a powerful message regarding humanity and I am confident the third installment will keep this vibe going. What could Jenkins and team focus on when addressing the people of today’s world?


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