DCEU Movies Ranked

With the release of WW84 it felt only appropriate to rank all nine DCEU movies. Now, there is no error with the list below, Joker was intentionally omitted as it does not appear to be connected to the larger interconnected universe; at least not yet, right Flashpoint?

9. Josstice League: Look, it’s just not the movie that the creative intended to make. When I first saw Justice League in theaters after seeing the reviews I looked to like it. In some ways I was able to! Though when I went back to see BvS some time later I was baffled at just how different the tone of this movie is compared to what Zack had created prior. Hopefully the Snyder Cut can score higher on the list when it officially replaces this verson.

8. Suicide Squad: Yet another project tampered with by the studio…I don’t completely hate this movie. It had some good elements where the cast is the biggest one. I loved what we saw for Harley and Joker, Smith as Deadshot was great, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller was literal perfection, and the Batman cameo? Outstanding.

The story really goes south when this group of “street level” villains get sent on a mission to stop a mystical threat; it felt like water and oil.

Now, could the Ayer cut make up for what we saw? Will we ever get it? Who knows! For now, this one can sit right here.

7. Man of Steel: I should be very clear that from this point forward I literally loved every single project. This Superman film is no exception. Snyder took bold choices which ultimately (in my opinion) brought our favorite boy scout into the modern day.

Do I want to see a Superman owning completely who he is and even enjoying it? Of course! I’m hoping Snyder’s universe can take us there. For now, I’m appreciative of this intention to deliver a character trying to grasp what it means to be a God amongst men.

6. Shazam: So much fun. I’m pushing for this to be officially considered a christmas movie as well as a comic book one. I don’t know how different the tone of Black Adam will be in comparison and more so how they two characters will cross over, but for now the first installment in the series is fantastic.

Something about it feels almost like a PG movie from the 80s; it respects its young audience enough to believe they can stomach a couple scary moments while delivering a bunch of laughs as well.

Fingers crossed the sequel has more action for the entire Shazam family.

5: Birds of Prey: Not everyone’s comic book movie! Though once again I salute the effort to take creative choices and reinterpret some of DC’s iconic hero roster. I will say this might have worked better if it was strictly a Harley Quinn movie or a Birds of Prey movie. However, they did successfully blend all the characters giving them a fair amount of spotlight and even told great origin stories for our new introductions.

4: Wonder Woman 1984: It’s a worthy sequel to Patty Jenkins’ first installment. This movie is filled with powerful emotional scenes, decent action, and a great message for audiences today.

I understand some of the pushback this film has gotten as by no means is it perfect. That being said, this is Wonder Woman and I had a blast. Plus, Cheetah!

3: Aquaman: Jason Mamoa as Aquaman. Need I say more? Alright. The film created an action pact adventure while somehow pulling off an incredible underwater reality. The visuals were amazing and James Won somehow made Aquaman on a seahorse badass. Like…!!!

Also, we got to see the classic Aquaman suit. Done deal. I need to see more of it and absolutely in follow-up Justice League material.

2: Wonder Woman: It delivered things I didn’t know I needed. Seeing the amazons rush the beach into action, No Man’s land scene, and one of the best onscreen romances for a comic book film.

Overall this movie takes my number two spot for Diana’s revelation after “killing” Ares; we are human beings and in that nature we are capable of truly terrible things just as we are capable of the good. To do good is a choice and one we have to make every day. Good and evil is rarey black and white.

Yes, the final fight was a bit much but I had literally just scene an almost perfect movie so it’s whatever.

1: Batman v Superman: When I say this movie I mean the three hour Ultimate Edition. Yes, Lex is a bit eh, yes Doomsday didn’t aesthetically please me, but everything else is F****** great.

Snyder expands his Superman reflections to get into a weathered and aged Batman. The juxtaposition of the two through the film is brilliant. Of course, the movie also delivers the introduction of Wonder Woman and the trinity together. Also, Batman warehouse scene. Goodnight.

A true gem in my book and my favorite DCEU film thus far.

We are about three months away from Snyder Cut and the next Suicide Squad film is due out next summer. I can’t wait to see where the new projects will ultimately fall.


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