‘Titans’ 2×03: ‘Ghosts’ Review

Another week so another episode of Titans! No time to waste; the good and the bad of the latest episode of the DC Universe sophomore season.


Varsity Team Together: In this weeks episode our veteran members return to Titans Tower in order to address the threat of Doctor Light! As mentioned last week, once again that foundation laid out in season one shows its benefit here; We already know our characters and their relationships so when this plot shows up we can just get right into it!

Dove unfortunately returned to her passive supporting voice to Hawk’s (justified?) frustration, but whatever.

I’m glad to see not just the four of them working together, but to see the JV team continue training and continue to master their skills. They felt like nomads in season one and finally we’re getting to see superheroes be-well- super!

Baddie Duo: Of course, respect is owed to the scenes with Doctor Light and Slade. I still can’t believe we’re getting a live-action series with all these characters!!

Now  I’m wondering, with the kidnapping of Jason, if we’re going to get an adapted version of his death. Since the beginning of the season he’s been giving us those character flaws that lead to his iconic comic book demise. Will they delay it or could we get that tragedy this season?

My issue here is that Curran Walters does a great job of playing Jason as Robin. I do not know if I will buy him as the Red Hood. Though the same character, I feel there is a great difference in the demeanor. I digress.


Spit it Out Already!: It has been fourteen episodes of this show, and we still have not been told what the hell happened back in the day to the old team. It’s a plot that keeps getting dragged on and on!

I’m over it. They have such a strong cast and setup. I want them to pull no punches and play those classic broadcast TV cliffhanger tricks.

Hopefully episode four gives us not just the introduction of Aqualad, but the tea on what the f**** happened to these kids!



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