Disney Confirms Marvel Multiverse Trilogy

Alright, let’s dive into some Marvel content!

On the Marvel side of Disney Investor Day there were some repetitive elements but also some surprises.

Though Spider-Man 3, Doctor Strange 2, and the upcoming WandaVision were all projects we knew were underway, I was delightfully surprised to learn that all three are actually apart of one large story; Alright!

Yes, WandaVision will serve as the kick-off that will continue with next year’s Spider-Man sequel; a sequel that every day is growing larger with more multiverse characters.

With those character confirmations, whatever the events of the new Disney+ series, it’s clear that the end results will have Wanda lose control and unleash the multiverse upon the MCU.

Something very clearly omitted from today’s event was any announcement regarding the X-Men (even in animated format!). We know that Feige has let us know such a film/series shouldn’t be expected until phase five which might explain the omission.

For now, we will just have to enjoy this multiverse ride which will certainly play a key role in bringing together members of the Young Avengers (Wiccan, Speed, and dare I say, Miles Morales).


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